Parasites in human stomach

How to get rid of parasites in the human body in time? How to operate the worms not only been canceled but not the left and larvae? The problem is that it is difficult to treat, and to apply the drugs directly and rapidly kill all, you can't. If this is done, the intoxication is powerful. The necessary diagnostics. Based on these results, an expert is prescribed appropriate treatment.


symptoms of parasites

Cleansing the body of parasites is a complex process, the problem is the anatomical features of the virus. Some parasites are not only not suction cup to hold the fabric, but the real teeth that literally tear the worms of the shell and the surrounding tissue. Parasites cause damage to the mucous membrane, overload the body waste your life, poisoning him.

Start with cleansing the body of parasites is necessary for diagnosis, but not all will go for examination. Attention should be paid to symptoms effectively bring the parasite from the body. Symptoms of infection are:

  • constant hunger, weight loss, reasons that are not;
  • anemia, weakness, which are not amenable to treatment;
  • allergic reactions, which did not exist before;
  • instead, sudden weight loss can observe is too strong a set of weight diet has no effect;
  • migraine, severe headache;
  • pregnancy on the right side near the area of the hypochondrium;
  • constipation, diarrhea, the so-called syndrome, nervous stomach and other problems of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • usually get rid of the parasites return to the beautiful appearance of skin and hair, so attention should be paid to the deterioration of the appearance of the hair, the bad skin condition;
  • pain in the joints, which can be simple muscle pain, arthritis;
  • herpes on the lips, which appear very often;
  • insomnia;
  • reduced performance, with strong fatigue.

Diagnosis of parasites

Decide how to treat it, you need to be diagnosed. It is important to understand that parasites are the only one media can be transferred to several people, and at the same time infection occurs for several different worms. This complicates diagnosis and treatment, often even the external symptoms are observed in time. Today, a variety of methods of diagnosis, they can not be called as accurate as possible. The credibility of the doctors prescribe various tests. Such traditional method like taking the stool for the determination of the eggs, not the reliability — the accuracy is only 15-17%.

Cleanse the parasites had to be effective, has today appointed such methods of diagnosis:

  1. Immunological method, i.e. serology, which can be used to accurately determine whether the body's antibodies, which is characterized by slag worms. The method can be applied to the late stage of infection, but its accuracy is less than 60%.
  2. The histological procedure is performed with powerful microscopes. Use thin slices of faeces, which you can see fragments of the bodies of the worms, their appearance.
  3. Hemo-scan is a diagnostic blood scanning the so-called. live drop, which increases to 2 thousand times. Using this method, you can assess the condition, the presence of the guests of the flora of the larvae.
  4. It electroacupuncture is not so popular, experts do not recommend its use, such as electricity-effects on the body can be harmful.

In any case, before starting treatment it is necessary to pass inspection.

Methods of treatment and their effectiveness

Maintenance of the parasite, and the treatment is not so simple, but quite capable. The problem is that destroy the worms, they are in the body in large quantities, when death begins to poison the tissue. In addition, prescribed medications are strong, they destroy the liver. After this treatment you will have a long time to recover their own health.

treatment of parasites

Therefore, the appropriate treatment, today, prescribed drugs, parasites create conditions impossible for life. This process is not so simple, it takes at least 1-2 months, and often much more. Many experts believe that the full treatment can last at least six months, while the drugs themselves are expensive, plus requires extra, which are necessary to maintain liver function.

All anti-parasites, which are necessary to cleanse the body of parasites, can be divided into the following groups:

  • synthesized medicines;
  • herbal remedies;
  • homeopathic.

Is the maximum effectiveness of the chemical products, because they provide a quick and perfect result. About a couple of months you can completely remove all worms, but these drugs are toxic to the body.

In addition, the worms can eventually fully adapt to the chemicals. They are all highly specialized, aimed at the destruction of certain species of parasites.

Number of side effects and complications is large, so the reception is carried out only under the supervision of a doctor, it is obligatory to get maintenance drugs.

Herbal remedies are the safest. Used herbal preparations, which create conditions impossible for life and development of the worms.

There is one feature: herbal supplements rarely kill the parasites, they just throw them away. This makes them so safe.

Treatment can vary, depending on the worms, but it usually lasts 1 month to a year.

Homeopathy is a powerful tool for modern treatment, but not every doctor can prescribe the right treatment. It all depends on the individual choice of means, otherwise no effect. Carefully develop a treatment plan deviate in any case.

Traditional methods of treatment

In the fight against worms, and it can be carried out using conventional methods, often such measures are more secure than others, because they worms that have been expelled, not killed. Of course, before you start treatment, you should consult with your doctor, because all the methods can be used for different types of helminthiasis, it is important and individual health. Many folk remedies at the same time the treatment helps to cleanse the liver, remove the traces of poisoning by waste products of the worms.

The primary means for getting rid of worms are herbs antimicrobial effect, bitter. For example, wormwood and garlic help to create an environment suitable for life worms, but no health damage is not. Parasites of resources can be used for a long time, when medication is only for a limited time. The first step home treatment — it is against parasites, repeat the steps require tools that enhance the immune system, which compensates lack of trace elements in the body. To increase the effect, we use special herbal, which has a negative impact not only on the worms, but the larvae, get rid of them the standard remedy, is not so simple.

The treatment of bowel is performed with the help of herbs and fees:

  • wormwood and tansy (the compound is only used for adults, because mugwort in large quantities, it can be toxic, and tansy in children is not recommended);
  • elecampane root can be performed not only for the treatment of intestinal parasites, but also to get rid of worms blood, lungs, tissues, nervous system;
  • celandine is effective when the parasites hit the liver: this cleaning will allow not only to eliminate parasites, but also improve your body.
traditional methods

Pharmacies today, you can find different charges for the treatment of worms, but it is advisable to consult with your doctor. Usually herbs and fees is given in combination with traditional medicines, which offer holistic treatment.