Get rid of worms in humans: tincture, decoction of parasites

The human body is the ideal environment for the habitat of parasites, currently has more than 250 species of worms, parasites in the body. In addition, there is evidence that worms infected about 95% of people around the world.

celandine worms

The classic symptoms of infection with worms should be called the weakness of the body, rapid weight loss for no apparent reason, a tendency to constipation, diarrhea, skin rashes, hair loss, decreased immunity, frequent occurrence of herpes, and other infectious diseases. The patient has a disturbed appetite, sleep, they become very irritable, lethargic.

All of these symptoms can indicate other health problems that are not related to parasites. However, the detection of multiple symptoms in 99% of cases we talk about worms. The patient should take measures for the diagnosis of helminth infections, rid the body of worms.

Against worms is used as a spicy and bitter herbs, as tools can be divided into: kill the parasite plants:

  • destroy the worms the doctor recommends to drink tea, decoctions, and powders of dry herbs;
  • excrete still worms, you want to make decoctions and infusions of laxatives, enemas.

Treatment should be carried out consistently, either "2 in 1" comprehensive collection of herbs as well.

Treatment celandine

Celandine plant has long been known that in large doses it is poisonous, and moderate dosage helps to efficiently combat parasitic.

The plant is rich in organic acids, carotene, vitamin C and other substances. In addition, celandine contains about 20 poisonous substances that can get rid of worms in humans.

For medicinal purposes it is permissible to use the whole plant, but is most often used for its surface part. The grass should harvest during flowering, dry in the attics, in the shade or under a canopy.

Dried grass is better to keep boxes, bags, paper, ventilation and dry place. Storage duration celandine – 3 years. The plant is used only on the advice of the doctor to prevent overdose.

Celandine prepare alcohol tincture, apply 2 drops of pre-diluting them with 30 grams of boiled water. The exact daily dose should not exceed the amount of one teaspoon. It is best to deal with parasitic worms two times a day – morning on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed. This treatment not only recover the risk of helminth infection, but also:

  1. to cleanse the liver, the gallbladder;
  2. improve the metabolism.

To prepare the tincture of parasites simply, for this, collect fresh grass celandine (stems, flowers and leaves), grind in a meat grinder. The resulting slurry is put on the gauze, put on rubber gloves hands and gently squeeze all the juice out.

It is important to do this with gloves, as the SAP does not stain your hands orange color, which is difficult to remove. The juice of celandine diluted medical alcohol or vodka in a ratio of 1: 1, mix.

There is a slightly different way of preparing the tincture. You need to cut the rhizome and leaves of fresh celandine, be sure to wash and dry, put the jar in a glass, pour alcohol or vodka. Capacity nylon cover with a lid, clean in a dark place for 14 days maceration. After:

  • the mass should be filtered through several layers of cheesecloth;
  • pour a bottle of dark glass;
  • store in the refrigerator.

Regardless of the way to make two tinctures work against parasites.

Against worms good to use such a decoction of a teaspoon of celandine, a Cup of boiling water. The grass is poured into an enamel bowl, pour boiling water, cover with a lid, heated in a water bath for 15 minutes. After this time the broth is filtered, cooled to room temperature, adjusted to the original volume of warm boiled water.

This decoction is taken one third of a Cup three times a day for 10-15 minutes before eating, duration of treatment – 3 days. During this period, it is important to abandon the use of sweet food, as it stimulates the parasite.

It is necessary, on the contrary, acidic food an acidic environment, the parasites die faster.

a decoction of celandine

How to take?

Alcohol tincture of celandine parasites – this is the perfect cure, thanks to the alcohol-based medium quickly to deliver active ingredients celandine, which are easily absorbed by the body, which provides an almost immediate impact.

It is very important to always observe the precautions, first and foremost, you want to take to get rid of parasites in humans in small doses, don't delay treatment for a long time, also do not combine with other drugs.

If during the treatment the person feels bad, the dose should be reduced or stop taking the medication. This recommendation is especially important for those who are frail body. Drink within a few weeks, the reception, stop, take a break for 2-3 days and repeat the course.

Because the juice of celandine contains chelidonine, morphine-like substances, receive funds on the basis of the institution should be approached with caution. If you happen to overdose, a person in danger of experiencing the unpleasant symptoms:

  1. diarrhea, nausea, vomiting;
  2. loss of consciousness, hallucinations;
  3. convulsions, paralysis;
  4. headache.

Therefore, celandine parasites not be used for treatment if the patient suffers from nervous disorders, asthma, angina, epilepsy. When the first symptoms of overdose are needed immediately to wash out the stomach, seek help from a doctor.

Each patient should understand that the administration of celandine with alcohol should be clearly not to cause harm to the body, and improve it.

Sometimes a person may be individual intolerance to the celandine, but this is quite rare. If you have allergies, the patient will notice it when you first use the plants.

Herbs should always listen to your feelings, the development of itching, redness and swelling, particularly longer any further processing.

Enemas with celandine.

Expel parasites from the body, and to use an enema, if you use the following recipes.

Recipe 1

To prepare the treatment solution, you need to take a dried, crushed leaves of celandine, a score of two tablespoons and pour 500 ml of boiling water. Components, put in a water bath, hold for 10 minutes, cooled and filtered through a gauze piece.

The introduction of the enema has shown, keep in several stages, first the patient should lie on his right side, with the rubber pear introduced in the third part of the broth through the anus. 5 minutes the patient must be on the same side, don't to get out of bed.

Then turn it over to the other side, slowly introduce the rest of the broth, you can now roll over on his back. In this position the person lying on it for 30-40 minutes.

Treatment enemas on the basis of celandine consists of 7 daily treatments, sometimes celandine worms is the most effective in this form.

Recipe 2

In this recipe, in addition to celandine use other herbs:

  • agrimony;
  • calendula;
  • tavolga.

The drugs collection consists of three parts meadowsweet and Chelidonium, the two parts of the other plants. The components of the recipe are mixed, poured into the spoon collection, pour a glass of boiled water for 5 hours.

Ready infusion is filtered, enter the enema, is poured into the intestine before sleep. Treatment should be carried out so long until you have to stop all the symptoms, but not more than one month. If there are indications to continue treatment, you want to make a break for 14 days and then resume course.

Recipe 3

A little different cooking this version of enema, it involves the collection of herbs:

  1. celandine;
  2. calendula;
  3. yarrow.

The herbs are mixed in equal proportions, spoon collection brewed one hundred grams of boiling water. This solution is to get thick and viscous it softening need to add a few drops of corn oil. You can still say that there is cleansing the body of worms by the method of the doctor, an interesting and effective method.

Treatment celandine Royal technology

Treatment for alcohol tincture 5 drops every morning, every day growing amount of funds for one drop, bringing the total number up to 15-20 drops. Before you take infusion diluted in 50-100 ml of warm boiled water.

During treatment it is necessary to listen carefully to your body to see if the deterioration. If the patient begins to feel worse, immediately reduce the dosage to 5 drops and then take the exact amount of the drug. The duration of treatment is 1 month, however, it is useful to take a break for 10-30 days, and then made during the month.

Depending on the parasite, which can do a maximum of 3 courses in a row, but not more than one year. You must take into account that every patient is the concept of "self-administration", which can not cause harm.

There is another way, as in the first case, treatment should be started with 5 drops, bring the number to 20 and then doing the countdown, to reduce the dosage of the drug with the celandine. When the number of infusions was reduced to zero, take a break for 10 days.

This system task 3 treatments, if needed. Prevention of worms is quite enough for one course a year.

Other herbs for worms

To get rid of parasites help and other herbs, for example, is often used wormwood. Should be:

  • a teaspoon of dry plants, pour two cups of boiling water;
  • let cool;
  • strain through a cheesecloth.

Ready infusion of wormwood to drink 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals the optimal dose for adults is 2 tbsp. We all know that sagebrush has a special flavor, so to enhance the taste, you can add a small amount of honey.

Worms to effectively use the collection, which includes tansy, chamomile, gentian, buckthorn and wormwood, taken in equal proportions. You want to fall asleep in a thermos, spoon collection, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for at least 12 hours, better to cook the tincture at night. The medication is to be taken in the morning before Breakfast for three days.

In order to cleanse the body of parasitic worms in practice, the treatment of this herbal collection:

  1. tansy;
  2. sea buckthorn;
  3. Valerian;
  4. mint;
  5. wormwood.

Measure 20 grams of the herb, mixed with 30 grams of seeds of wild carrots, stir. Ready means, brewed like regular tea, I drink it in the morning and in the evening 30 minutes before a meal. The average duration of treatment is 3 days.

Get rid of the whipworm helps infusion of caraway, tansy, centaury small. All components take in equal proportions, grind, mix and measure out 2 tablespoons.

The grass needs to fill a glass of water, boil on slow gas for 5 minutes, insist in a thermos for 8 hours, drain. Remedy for worms in the evening, take half a Cup, preferably after a meal. Finally, we provide the video in this article on the topic of cleaning worms.