Treatment of parasites in the human body

What is a parasite? There are animals, plants or micro-organisms, which live at the expense of its owner. They eat the cells or tissues using the vitamins and nutrients that should go to build body cells of the host. Parasites poison the human body of substances that emit during their life.

Medicine human parasites called the only multi-celled organisms and protozoa, viruses and bacteria are pathogens. Was wondering what are parasites in humans symptoms, their presence and treatment of folk remedies.

Type of parasites in the human body and where they live

The body or its surface in humans can occur, such as protozoa, and multicellular parasites. If the parasite lives on the skin, this species include lice, bedbugs, the causative agent of scabies.


Each parasite develops in a specific part of the human body, if the conditions for its vital activity most suitable. Some parasites, depending on the stage of development migrate (move) through the body from one organ to another.

Like parasites on the body

People can be infected by parasites in a different way. This is due to the fact that during development, certain species of parasites. So, there are several ways penetration into the parasites in the host organism.

  1. parasites will be sent

    Through contaminated food and water. In some cases, it can get contaminated in storage, preparation, this has also facilitated it, flies, cockroaches. But sometimes, food can be infected initially, for example, when it is used for cooking thermally poorly processed fish, meat from infected animals.

  2. Contact the household way, it is when the parasites are transmitted from one person to another, using household items or Pets.
  3. In a way, when the parasites are carried by insects.

Some of the larvae of the parasite, as the human skin, is able to penetrate.

Infection-symptoms the human body of parasites

Symptoms that occur when infected, can be different, they are often related to the habitat of the parasite. Damage to the skin. If the parasite resides in the lungs, the patient may be coughing and shortness of breath. After the detection of the parasite in the intestine are disorders related to digestion, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and many others.

allergic reactions

Traditional treatments are not always effective, in addition to drugs used in medical Language, is often toxic to humans, and apply they need with caution, on prescription. Therefore, cleansing the body from parasites folk remedies is very important to combat them.

The effect of parasites in the body

Parasites in the human body and disrupt the function of the organs, which causes inflammation, destroys tissue. Often in the course of their life the parasites produce substances toxic to humans, which leads to a gradual poisoning of his body.

Parasites adapt

Parasites of the intestine use for their growth and development the nutrients in food. Because of this, the human body begins to experience a shortage. This is especially dangerous for children, because they are slowed growth, impaired physical and mental development.

Parasites adapt well, can live in one body, and their eggs and larvae is considerable resistance to the environment. The gastrointestinal tract to protect the parasites can target specific substances, which inactivate enzymes, break the process of digestion. Therefore, the patient parasites in the intestines, the symptoms often resemble diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

How dangerous worms

Worms is worms, they can be small or reach a length of 7-10 meters. Sometimes during the development of the worms is such that a person infected with them again. The first part of the cycle occurs in the intestine, and when re-infected by the eggs penetrate into the muscles, lungs, liver, kidneys.


The most common human worms, parasites in the intestines, gallbladder, bile ducts and liver, and cause:

  1. ascariasis, the larvae pass through the liver to the lungs and again enter the intestine, where it develops in adults;
  2. often affects the liver, can lead to cancer or cirrhosis of the liver;
  3. infected by tapeworms, which happens using a poorly thermally processed meat, fish;
  4. tapeworms are long-lived and reach enormous proportions. Very dangerous pork tapeworm, the eggs, which penetrate the blood vessels and alter the muscles and brain;
  5. schistosomiasis, caused by parasites flat worms;
  6. detected with difficulty, can cause damage to the eyes and nervous tissue often cause allergic reactions;
  7. echinococcosis is a parasite in the liver, lungs.

There are still diseases that are less common. Is trichinosis, the tribe to be able to cause liver disease and others.

Identify and treat parasites can be difficult, but the people from ancient times tried to deal with them. Long known and successfully used against the parasites in the human body folk remedies.

Treatment of folk remedies against certain types of parasites

There are several ways to deal with parasites of the human body in folk remedies. Their use against certain parasites, and others, to help get rid of a whole bunch of parasitic infections, and helps cleanse the internal organs and systems. Consider in detail, how to get rid of certain parasites in the body of folk remedies.

How to get rid of protozoa, protozoan parasites

Most of the protozoan parasites is:

    intestinal amoeba

    parasitic in the intestine amoeba, Giardia, blastocysts, and others;

  1. in the blood revealed Trypanosoma, the causative agents of malaria;
  2. urogenital system — Trichomonas infection is a sexually transmitted disease;
  3. heart, liver, brain and eyes — contamination often occurs in cats, affecting the nervous tissue and cause early miscarriage, Trypanosoma.

Noticed that parasites do not like hot peppers and herbs, so if you cook, spices, onion, horseradish, garlic, and baking using cinnamon and cloves, it can help in the fight against parasites.

  1. Cleansing cranberry juice. Do an enema — 2 liters of water, 2 tablespoons of cranberry juice and a tablespoon of salt twice a day. Help protozoa are parasites.
  2. Cleansing enemas garlic. This 6-7 cloves of garlic boiled in milk, and this solution is used for cleansing enemas.

Treatment Giardia

The prevention and treatment of Giardia in the liver, use sauerkraut juice (you can drink half a glass before a meal), strawberries, take a teaspoon a day fennel seeds and cumin seeds.

From Giardia also has recipes for decoctions, fees.


    Collection of medicinal plants. Mix 4 parts, birch buds, 4 parts tansy, 2 parts yarrow, horsetail. Brew a tablespoon in a Cup of boiling water. You should drink 1 Cup 2 times a before meals for 10 days.

  1. Tincture of flowers of lilac. Dried flowers pour alcohol, leave for 10 days, drink a teaspoon before each meal.
  2. The pumpkin seeds. They must be crushed 300 grams, add a little water and honey 100 gr, eat right and take a laxative.

The treatment of ascariasis

  1. Infusion of dried mushrooms. You can use white mushroom. They should pour the vodka a day. Drinking a teaspoon in the evening.
  2. The infusion of onions. Onion chop and pour boiling water, leave for 12 hours. Take half a Cup a day, for 3-4 days.

How to get rid of worms

How to get rid of parasites worms in the body folk remedies? There are several recipes of traditional medicine, which help to do this.

  1. Tincture of horseradish and garlic. Help tape worms. In equal quantities, take horseradish and garlic, pour in the alcohol for 10 days. Drink a tablespoon a day.
  2. garnet
  3. Peel a pomegranate. Help against tapeworms. It should be brewed with boiling water and drink 1 teaspoon before meals.
  4. Coriander seeds need to fry. Tea powder for 5 days 1 gram.

Of course, these parasites are often passed things and to get rid of them, if only to comply with the rules of hygiene. But in folk medicine to kill the lice recommends, kerosene, vinegar and salt, decoction of burdock, elecampane. You can also use a mixture of mint cranberry juice.

Scabies, use a mixture of grease, soap and sulfur. You can also lubricate the skin with black powder, sour cream, or a mixture of garlic, onion and soap.

Total cleansing the body from parasites folk methods

How to get rid of parasites in the human body folk remedies? There are three plants that can purify the body and eliminate as protozoan parasites, and helminths is the shell green walnut, wormwood and cloves.

  1. Cleaning wormwood. Dry the seeds to grind. Start by taking a pinch of powder per day, gradually increasing the dose half a teaspoon of 15 days. Then a week, take half a teaspoon a day, can be divided into several stages, and continue to use the same dose of 1 times a week.
  2. Make the necessary from powder 1.5 tsp by reducing the dose to one spoon for 10 days.

Without these components to flush the parasite can be performed without, the seeds of tansy and marigold. Cleansing the body from parasites folk remedies need to be at the same time of cleaning the intestine and the liver.

How to clean the intestines

Colon cleansing of parasites is equally important. This can help ordinary people methods to get rid of parasites.

  1. Fruit cleaning. Apricots, figs, prunes and raisins in equal proportions, grind in a meat grinder and mix with honey (200 g). The mixture is to take a tablespoon at night.
  2. Cleaning the brine sour cabbage. Within two weeks, to drink the brine half a Cup before meals.
  3. Aloe Vera with lemon. Mix 1 tablespoon aloe and olive oil with the juice of one lemon, taken on an empty stomach.

Liver cleansing

How else can you rid the body from parasites folk remedies? Liver and biliary tract of the human body is inhabited by many species of parasites. Expel them is difficult, because the drugs are often toxic to the liver. Therefore, the use of folk remedies cleaning is particularly important.

  1. The beet drink. Finely chop three of the beets, add the flour 2 tablespoons, half a pound of sugar, the mixture for two days in a dark place, sometimes shake. Then pour 1 liter of water, half a pound of raisins and pounds of sugar. Stir and drain. Drink a tablespoon before a meal, you can of course re-used for 3 months.
  2. Needle pine. Boil 25 grams of needles of pine, which is 500 ml of water on low heat for 10 minutes. Drink a SIP a few times a day.
  3. Cleaning fresh vegetable and fruit juices. It is helpful to drink juices of carrot, cucumber, beet, parsley, or a mixture every day on an empty stomach. One lemon juice in half a glass of water and drink 2 times a day for 15 days. And Apple juice take 1 glass before meals for a week, then 3 days is required for fasting or diet. You can only drink fresh apple juice several times a day.

Treatment of parasites in the human body, even folk remedies, you need to be under a doctor's supervision. Many recipes can have harmful effects, especially if the person suffers from chronic diseases. So consult with your doctor before you start the cleaning process.