Care and cleansing the body of parasites with garlic

Garlic worms is one of the most popular ways of cleansing the body. It is used in various forms: fresh, baked, crushed. Folk remedies based on vegetables in the onion family works relatively quickly and efficiently, and most importantly – safe. However, you can give them to children under the age of 5 years should not be.

garlic against parasites

How to garlic?

The composition is characterized by a large number of nutrients. For this reason, the use of garlic against helminthes, and other diseases (SARS). It contains vitamins b, D, minerals, especially silicon, which helps to eliminate the body of intestinal worms in adults. The composition includes ascorbic acid and a volatile ether, which gives a garlic odor.

Main features:

  • Anthelmintic
  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-aging
  • Cleaning
  • Disinfectant
  • Bactericidal
  • Return
  • Tonic.

Silicon in the composition of garlic is effective against parasites. This trace element helps clean the body from the highly toxic wastes of the worms. If the person in the gut does not digest food, it aestuat, which provides the worms with food.

Using any tool, the garlic, it is possible to organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. This will help to restore the microflora, open digestive enzymes, which affect toxins helminths. This reduces the fermentation processes. And when there is no food, the worms appear themselves.

Body cleansing of parasites

If it solves the problem of how to take garlic for parasites, you should consider several methods. Body cleansing has been carried out over a short period of time and gives good results, but the smell is repulsive in this case.

Several suitable for this purpose methods:

  • You can make a garlic enema. Need water (0.5 l), 1 spike, pre-shredded on a grater. The mixture is boiled for up to 5 min., cool.
  • Use milk and a slice. Ingredients boil for 10 min. Solution make the garlic enema for worms.
  • Juice of garlic (15 drops) should be mixed with milk. The prepared mixture should be drunk before meals.
recipe garlic with milk

What effect garlic has worms?

Cleansing the body of parasites does not occur, if the use of this vegetable crop of the onion family. This is due to the properties of the product. It kills the worms, because it contains volatile. Although the drug works slowly, you can speed up the process to remove the worms, taking a laxative medicine. In this case, the worms come out from the body faster.

The excretion of worms in adults

Garlic and heterogenearum parasites in conflict. Their excretion is performed in several popular recipes. The simplest method of baiting parasites garlic: it is necessary to overnight in water (is taken from), morning infusion drink on an empty stomach.

Milk garlic

First of all, you can prepare a small amount – Use 200 ml of milk and a head of garlic that has been crushed. The components are combined and boiled not longer than 15 min. Ready means to determine the jar, tightly closed. In this mode, the milk stays 2 hours Treatment of intestinal worms and is a similar recipe, but in this case the destruction of the parasites in the human body is made enemas: garlic is boiled in milk, but let infuse for 1 day.

Dosage: children up to years enough 30 g, kids 40 g of older about 150g.

Lemon garlic

People have a tendency to improve the activity of vegetable crops, adding to the sour fruits. If the cluster method is not suitable for the purification of the body, can prepare a tincture of these components. To deal with the problem, how to get rid of worms with a simple garlic, prepare two slices and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Teeth grind, pour them with lemon juice. Tool leave a week of "rest" it periodically stir. Bring to a parasite, you need to use prepared infusion 1 tablespoon every day before meals. The tool can work for a long time. However, to maintain the body is recommended such cleaning twice a year.

Use the infusion, you will need 1 tablespoon every day before meals

tincture of garlic lemon


Prepare a solution of boiled water and 1-2 heads. Components mix and let it brew for 8 hours. Capacity means that you need to cover. The duration of administration is 7 days. Option: 1/4 Cup barbatus hell, 3 teeth of garlic. Components mix and pour the alcohol/vodka. Cast tool is week. Recommended use: 3 hours before a meal, duration of treatment – 14 days.

If a more suitable milk for the garlic, you need to know how to do it. The current component is a head of garlic. It is crushed, pour the milk and infuse for up to 2 hours. This recipe will help helminthiasis, used to measure the dose: children – 30 g for adults – 150 g

Tincture of alcohol: take 3 hours before eating, for 14 days.

Garlic water

Find the asshole worms, you should take the head of garlic, chop. The finished slurry is poured into the warm water. The tool is made within 3 days. To use it, you will need 2 teaspoons before bedtime.

Recipes for kids parasites

You can make an infusion in water or milk. In the first case, you will need 2 heads of the family of onion, and the infusion is ready in a week. The second option is faster (per night). The solution is ready for children, so children need to drink twice a day, morning and evening hours. However, the smell and the taste is not like a child. For this reason, you should choose recipes that the chef resources tool.

5-6 cloves of garlic, pour warm water and allow infusion for five days. Enema is done for the night.

A suitable enema for worms. Decide if this method helps, you should know that in this way the result is achieved faster, because the active substance is delivered directly into the intestine and did not spend time for its absorption.

Enema worms

You will need 0.5 liters of milk and 2 teeth of garlic. For children this amount is sufficient. Enema garlic worming is done every day for a week. The solution is poured into the ass 1 time a day. Alternative method: 200 ml of water pour 6 teeth, let it brew for 5 days. Is an enema for the children to do at night.

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tincture of garlic


Clean and adding large amounts of garlic there is a risk of development of gastritis, since the product is fairly aggressive in the affected organs. For this reason, it is not recommended to give children under the age of 5 years. However, if you can track dosage, side effects do not occur. In addition, it is recommended to use oil with this product. It is sold in a pharmacy, but actually make their own.

For the treatment of helminthiasis was held without the side effects, substitute for cloves is garlic oil.

Therefore, treatment with garlic is an effective means of pest control. The level of popularity it can be compared to pumpkin seeds. However, the speed of the effect of worms garlic is much higher. So, using some tools, it is possible to during the day, bring worms from the body. To achieve even better results is recommended, along with an enema to use garlic extracts/broths. With the introduction of a large number of tools of the body, you should take a laxative.