Grass parasites in the human body – 3 effective herbal

The most safe and is one of the most effective ways of cleansing the body of worms – herbs against parasites. There are many plants that have certain characteristics. If the right to use them, get rid of all kinds of parasites at home.

grass parasites

What herbs help against parasites – the types and characteristics of

Herbs against parasites has a different mechanism of action. Sharp plants of a pungent taste to raise the temperature of the body, can not tolerate helminths. They also have a powerful antiseptic action, promotes the elimination of toxins from the action of worms. This group includes ginger, onion, horseradish, mustard, cloves, garlic, pepper.

Bitter herbs to provide cleansing of parasites, because they create negative conditions for the life of worms. They die, leave the body. In addition, these herbs have antibacterial effect, cleans the toxins. This group contains cloves, wormwood.

Bitter herbs against parasites

Bitter herbs, deducing parasites, show a high efficiency. Let us consider some of them:

  1. Calamus root contains essential oils, tannins, ascorbic acid. Looks like a parasite, all kinds of, especially the head, to improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Take in the form of infusions, decoctions.
  2. Wormwood – containing acid, essential oil, tannins, flavonoids. Its active ingredients help to get rid of roundworms (ascarids, pinworms), stimulate the pancreas, normalizes the activity of stomach, intestines. The herb wormwood is effective in the form of decoctions and enemas, with which it is possible to recover the helminths parasitic in the intestine.

Medicinal plants of worms

  1. Ginger contains many vitamins, minerals, essential oils, amino acids. To help get rid of various parasites. Effective against caterpillars, worms, destroying them at an early stage of development. Therapeutic and preventive purposes must be taken fresh or pickled ginger, freshly squeezed juice of the roots, and tinctures and decoctions on the basis of it.
  2. Garlic – rich in active elements that help to quickly bring parasites, and all types. This is a very active substance, which kills many worms-day after the start of treatment. You can take it fresh or in the form of infusions.
  3. Black pepper – you need to take to cleanse the body of worms. It eliminates parasites in the intestines, respiratory tract, brain, blood circulation. Taken in the form of spices, oil infusions, the composition of anti-parasitic recipes.
  4. Cardamom – the seeds are used to expel from the body all kinds of worms, including tape. Destroys parasites in the digestive, circulatory, respiratory and nervous system. Suitable for children and for people whose condition has deteriorated.

Herbs are broad-spectrum

Full body cleansing is achieved by the use of herbs, that offer a wide range of activities. These are:

  1. Marshmallow root is an effective drug that kills parasites of all kinds, from microscopic to metre tapeworm. Ensures complete cleansing of the body, especially effective in killing the parasites localized in the digestive, nervous and respiratory systems. Taken in the form of tinctures and powders.
  2. Cloves – it has a disinfecting effect on the body. Destroys round and tape and flat worms that are parasitic in all organs. On the basis of carnations are getting ready effective folk remedies. To improve the properties of other plants against parasites.
  3. Calendula – the flowers of this plant is a powerful medicine against worms of all types. Taken in the form of decoctions, additives to food.
  4. Nettle infusions and decoctions of this plant get rid of worms, parasites in the intestines and lungs.
  5. Turmeric is a potent antiparasitic activity. Treatment necessary to prepare the tincture, and prevention is enough to add turmeric spice to food.
  6. Daisy is a strong antiseptic, which removes all kinds of worms.
  7. Sorrel – is a part of many anti-parasitic recipes. It can be consumed fresh or as a decoction. It is made of a special enema.
  8. Cinnamon – used for the treatment, prevention of worm infestation (infection). You need to add a food spice. It is important to note that even after the heat treatment cinnamon does not lose its special properties.
  9. Tansy – herb, which expels all kinds of worms. Preparation of parasite extracts using the dried flowers of the plant. Drugs on the basis of tansy should, strictly following the dose, because it is toxic in excess concentrations can cause harm to your body. Used to administer enemas to cleanse the bowel of worms.
  10. Grass – the grass of the parasite, which must be used very carefully because it is toxic, overdose can cause hallucinations. On the basis of its leaves and seeds extracts produced by worms. Expel parasites from the respiratory tract, need to get some smoke by burning discs of the stuff.

Effective herbal preparations against parasites

treatment of parasites with herbs

Cleansing herbs passed as efficiently as possible, you should use them together.

Part of the collection of herbs, as a rule, are like plants: Dianthus, tansy, garlic, pepper, thyme. Each component has certain properties, and in combination with each other they intensify and you can get rid of different worms.

Collection against pinworms and ascarids

Herbal therapy helps to destroy the ascarids and pinworms, which are the most common helminths. To prepare an infusion against parasites, you need to take one of the charges:

  • mix 50 grams of eucalyptus, thyme, st. john's wort, tansy, centaury, elecampane agrimony;
  • mix 50 g of wormwood, knotweed, Valerian root, chamomile, hops cones, carrot seed, immortelle.

Need to grind 1.5 tablespoons of any collection, and then add 350 ml of cold pure water and boil for 5-7 minutes. Ready broth to infuse for 1 hour. After that, the composition is filtered, add 1 tablespoon of honey. Take the medicine three times a day, 100 grams of a meal. Duration of treatment – 10-12 days. The whole treatment is to take the 3-course.

Triad number 1

Among the folk remedies against parasites one of the most effective is the Russian triad. It is a universal tool, kill more than 100 varieties of parasites. Drug to kill adult fish and larvae.

The composition of the triad and one dose each of the components:

  • the flowers of tansy – 1 g;
  • the leaves or fruits of Artemisia – 300 mg,
  • seeds cloves – 0.5 g.

These herbs should be crushed to the consistency of powder. They are taken 30 minutes before meals and drink water. For convenience, you can pack powder in a certain proportion of empty capsules, which are sold in pharmacies.

Treatment triad:

  • 1 day – 1 part;
  • 2 day – 2 doses;
  • 3-10 days for 3 doses.

After a course of treatment, the need for 1 year to take this drug as a preventive measure 1 time a week for 3 doses.

Contraindications to the drug – pregnancy, gastric ulcer, gastritis, hypertension.

Trio No. 2

The first version of the triad consist of powerful herbs, but they are very active, therefore, it is contraindicated in many people. In such cases, this is a recipe trio No. 2. It consists of non-toxic plants:

  • cumin – one dose of 0.5 g;
  • calendula flowers – one dose of 1 g;
  • calamus root – a single dose of 0.5 g.

All components are crushed to a powder consistency. The resulting composition should be taken 30 minutes before a meal.


  • 1 day – 1 dose;
  • 2 day – 2 doses;
  • 3-14 days – 3 doses.

For prevention take 3 servings 1 time per week throughout the year.

Recipes for kids

Infusion of herbs suitable for the treatment of children's worms. The most important thing is not to use plants that have toxic effects.

Consider a few effective, but safe for children recipes:

  1. 1 onion medium size pour a glass of boiling water and insist 12 hours. The broth is filtered and given to children 0.5 cups in the morning on an empty stomach for 3-4 days. The tool helps to expel roundworm.
  2. 1 teaspoon of wormwood pour 2 cups of boiling water. The cooled infusion is filtered. Drink three times a day for 1 tablespoon before meals for 20 minutes.
  3. Large head of garlic cooked in 1 Cup milk. 0.5 cups of the resulting broth is an enema. The procedure is performed 6-7 days in a row before going to bed.
recipes parasites

Grass parasites with the help of expel worms all organs: intestines, liver, brain, airway. Buy plants that have the specified properties at a pharmacy or you can collect yourself. Preventive small amounts, they are added to meals tea.