Parasites in human stomach: symptoms, diagnosis

Parasites can live anywhere in the body. Worms in the stomach is the most common among the population to attack. Know how to care for, it is important to understand what parasites attack the human stomach, what are their types, what are the causes of the disease and the possible consequences of their long life in the body.


Parasites in human stomach

The human stomach can be inhabited by various parasites. Worms are the most common parasitic disease in the form. Other parasites (worm infestation): pinworms, ascarids, intestinal anguilla, species of Trichinella, Giardia, tapeworm, the tapeworm, the larvae. Such organisms cause great harm to human health and the internal organs, especially the stomach. There are cases when the person does not know what's inside are parasites hidden so they develop. When they grow, begin to show various symptoms which doctors often interpret it wrong, start treatment is the totally different body.

The causes of diseases

Violation of the rules of personal hygiene is considered the most common cause of the disease. Recommended after a visit to the streets after contact with Pets, wash your hands thoroughly with soap, because the animals are carriers of parasites, and their wool, delayed larvae of the worms. You can get infected through dirty and unwashed foods, untreated water, soil, insects, if eating bad frixum fish and meat. In these cases, parasitic stomach worms and tapeworm larvae.

The symptoms of the disease

When people are infected with parasites show characteristic symptoms and signs, regarding the appearance:

  • weight loss is associated with complete loss of appetite, but, on the contrary, insatiable appetite;
  • painful thinness;
  • the appearance of excessive nervousness and anxiety, sleep disturbances, that directly affects the face — bruises under the eyes, red eyes, pale skin;
  • grinding teeth sleep;
  • the emergence of allergies and various rashes on the skin, face and body;
  • hair loss and dandruff.

Other brands:

  • itching near the anus;
  • headache and fever;
  • constipation or opposite, diarrhea;
  • bad breath and appearance of putrid smell in the urine;
  • the appearance of causeless fatigue;
  • menstrual disorders, the appearance of inflammatory processes in organs of small pelvis and the ovaries (in women);
  • deterioration of efficacy, exacerbation of prostatitis (men).


In order to identify the unpleasant disease, identify foreign bodies in the stomach, it is appropriate to carry out diagnostics and checkup, tests for the detection of worms and other parasites. Take the feces and swabs of the anal-analysis, which it is possible to determine whether the larvae of the parasite in the stomach or other organs.

Modern medicine can offer specific immunoassay tests (ELISA), which detects an early stage of the disease and to trace the dynamics of development.

This analysis is simple, easy to use, accuracy, and relative cheapness of diagnosis. Treatment of parasites must be carried out planned system, according to the diagnostic results. Almost always the result of treatment is successful.

Methods of struggle

To deal with parasites you need immediately after detection, otherwise the dire consequences will not keep itself waiting. Treatment of gastrointestinal infections is performed with the help of medications, the benefit at this moment, there are a lot of types, which is designed for both children and adults. Prescribe treatment can only a doctor, you don't need to self-medicate.

If the disease is in the early stages, let's take one drug at a time. When the worms for a long time in the stomach or their is several types of, appointed complex therapy with the use of not one law for the powerful drugs. Don't worry if worm infestation is a complex of course and species of pathogenic organisms. Almost all diseases are treatable with modern drugs, and parasites, such as.


For the treatment of nematode Trichinella and is used as an anthelmintic drug. Effective result, drink some tablets should be in the morning and in the evening, take a laxative. After two weeks, we recommend passing a validation test, perform drug prevention.

Popular recipes

Traditional methods used as a supplement to the basic treatment and is an excellent prevention of the appearance of tapeworms and other similar parasites. Popular treatment used, such as plants and herbs, such as flax, cloves, ginger, garlic. They all share a superior quality — the presence of the characteristic bitter taste, which the parasites do not like. An excellent option to eliminate parasites from the body and the intestine is considered a cleansing enema. Popular recipes popular fight are:

pepper parasites
  1. Len and cloves. You need to take 100 grams of linseed and 10 grams of clove, mix everything and grind to a powder. Consume this mixture you need 5 times a day, 25 g must be in each serving. If a person's body weight is over 70 kg, the amount of the powder mixture should be added. Medicine to take schedule 3-3. The course of treatment is 30 days.
  2. Ginger. Chopped ginger is not only good for seasoning food, but also a valuable remedy for parasites, in particular, treats roundworm and Giardia. Take 50 ml of water and 1 teaspoon of ginger powder, mix the two components and drink every morning on an empty stomach. Be used in the fight against worms with ginger pickled, fresh, in the form of alcohol tinctures and medicinal drink (cook spicy ginger tea or a tea component with herbs).
  3.  Garlic. He is known as an excellent preventive measure against worms, the Product can destroy all kinds of pests in the stomach and their larvae. The larvae, tapeworm, Giardia and other parasites can die, if it is used to treat this medicine: take 2 heads of garlic, 1 lemon, 2 tsp honey, 1 liter of boiled cooled water. Do the components of the mixture and take it 3-4 times a day, about 3 days. You can take the drug longer, but to take small breaks. This has a positive impact not only on treatment, but later the prevention of disease.
  4. Enema. Is a great homemade option. Perform the cleaning in this manner: prepare the saline solution (per 1 liter of water 15 grams of salt), heated to a warm state, this solution was added 15 g of baking soda and put an enema. The liquid is kept in the intestines for about half an hour, then give another enema. If, during such events leaves a sufficient amount of mucus, the action is correct and that the procedure was successful.


To avoid problems with the stomach and overall health is to follow the clear rules. It is important to avoid contact with strange animals (dogs, cats, rodents), because their fur contains the larvae of the parasite, as they are direct carriers of disease. If so, what was clapped on the street, or any other pet, only wash the palm of your hand soap kills all bacteria, parasites and their larvae trapped on the skin. Do not eat unwashed fruits and vegetables, undercooked meat or fish (the stomach is susceptible to parasitism tapeworm), water from open sources.

Some flying insects can be carriers of the parasite and transmitted to humans directly by the bite. To avoid being bitten, is close to open skin tight clothing, rubber bands on the hands and feet. Wear closed shoes when going to the planting. If you have plans to vacation abroad in an exotic country, so before the trip is recommended to vaccinate against "foreign" diseases. As a preventive measure twice a year take medicine for worms. These practical recommendations aim is to avoid unpleasant consequences will help to protect against malicious parasites, and keep it healthy.