Grass parasites: how to cleanse the human body

Giardia child, it is an invasive disease of the genitourinary system in women, ascariasis men – all welcome guests on the human body. Don't assume that they settle in the intestine. Unlike Giardia, roundworm larvae migrate throughout the host organism, the process of its development, causing him irreparable damage. However, it is not necessary to panic. That helminthes and protozoa in the home possible. There are many traditional medicine, and synthetic pills that help to cleanse worms and protozoa.

cleansing the body of parasites

In some cases, the need for cleansing the body at home

To determine the parasite in the body, children and adults can certain symptoms, the most common of which are the following:

  • Too high appetite;
  • Frequent dizziness;
  • Blue circles under the eyes;
  • Often digestive disorders or constipation;
  • Bad breath;
  • Lack of energy and feeling rough;
  • Unexplained weight loss;
  • Strong irritability.

This is due to the fact that all kinds of parasites are striking individual organs. Most often it is the digestive system, which is simultaneously the environment. In addition, the parasites pollute the body with their waste products, which prevents its normal functioning and absorption of food. If you don't get rid of the parasites for a long time, so you can earn a serious chronic disease that can not be cured without getting rid of worms or protozoa.

Particularly harmful to these creatures the body of the child. Worms and protozoa can cause delays and problems with the memory of the child. "Uninvited guests" removed from the body required for its normal operation, trace elements, vitamins and salts.

Possible ways of penetration of the parasite in the human body

Infection the parasite occurs in access to the eggs from the outside. This occurs when consumption of contaminated food or water. The main sources are:

  • The infected eggs, meat which has not undergone the required heat treatment;
  • Flies;
  • Dirty hands;
  • Contact with the ground;
  • Unwashed foods (vegetables and fruits);
  • The polluted water.

Therefore, in order to avoid infection, you should wash your hands before eating, wash thoroughly under running water fresh vegetables and fruit, drink only good quality water or boil it, to follow the rules of cooking.

Removal of the parasites by using anthelmintic drugs at home

Today I bring pests at home, a person is not difficult. If you're previously cleaning was only the use of folk remedies (infusions of herbs, plant seeds and so on), now pharmacies drugs against worms broad spectrum of action, which cleanses the intestines, liver, blood and other organs not only adults, but their larvae. What drugs are best to drink?

Tip: before you start to clean the worms at home, it is worth considering that the intestine and other organs can settle in several different parasites.

Tip: pregnant women have contraindications to the use of anthelmintic drugs. Cleansing the body by using pills or herbs should be done only after a pregnancy test. Or the woman should be 100% sure that the probability of conception is zero.

How to get rid of parasites in the home folk remedies

grass parasites

To rid the body of parasites may be the procedure of cleansing the liver and intestines. The best would be to carry out these procedures within the program of cleaning the body.

Tip: it is recommended that both the breeding of worms cleaned of parasitic fungi, as the latter can start its active development without competition.

In addition, there are several effective folk remedies, which help rid the body of parasites.

  1. Using cloves and flax. It is necessary to grind in a coffee grinder the seeds of these plants in the proportion of 10-to-1 clove flax and make during the three days the number is 20-25 g/day. Then you need to make a three-day break and repeat the course. Thus, alternative medication for 30 days.
  2. With the help of coconut. Because the main components are coconut milk and shavings. This tool is perfect for the youngest patients. Coconut oil mixed with milk. The resulting tool is kept for 48 hours in a cool place. Eat three good meals a day on a tea spoon before eating. The adult dose should be greater. The treatment lasts for 7 days, then a break for 14 days. Then the cleaning at home is repeated.
  3. With the help of hot peppers. If eaten in large quantities of hot pepper, it will kill all worms and protozoa. But this should be done with extreme caution. For children, this folk remedy is contraindicated.
  4. Using the carrot. Raw carrots or carrot juice very healthy, but also helps to get rid of worms. In addition, this tool requires quite a bit. You need to consume one tablespoon of juice twice a day.
  5. With the help of onions. To prepare this folk remedy in the following manner: chop and pour 250 g of boiling water is not very large onion, to infuse for 12 hours, then strain. Drink 3-4 days in a 1/3 or half a Cup a day.
  6. Garlic candle. Can be prepared in the following manner: mash a couple of cloves of garlic, pour warm water and leave for half an hour. Then moisten a cotton wool into the solution and wrap a bandage. Insert into the anus for twenty minutes.
  7. Garlic enema. The same thing, but the resulting tool is necessary to drain and use an enema.
  8. With the help of a walnut. Chop three large core to get four tablespoons of means. Bring to a boil salted water and pour it on top of the nuts. After half an hour strain the broth. Drink this as a folk remedy in the course of one day in small portions. Between the reception of broth to take a laxative.
  9. The pumpkin seeds. They may be very hot before sprinkling the salted water or fry in a pan with vegetable oil and a pinch of salt. This is an excellent folk remedy for cleansing the body of worms.
  10. The water melon seeds. It is necessary to grind the cold mineral water and infuse for 8 hours. You can add honey, syrup or other sweetener to taste. Drink this folk remedy should be 6 to 8 times a day hour before meals 50-100 ml.
  11. With the help of chicory. Rubbed 1 tbsp chicory and the same number of leaves tansy and yarrow, mixed, poured into 500 ml of water and placed in a water bath for a quarter of an hour. Drink this folk remedy herbs and chicory on an empty stomach ¼ Cup 7 days.

You can assess what method of cleaning at home is better, everyone should, after consultation of infectious disease. Bring worms herbs or other folk remedies are much cheaper, but in some cases time consuming.

Eye before any other treatment, cleansing the body of worms and protozoa should be performed in consultation with a specialist. Mass death of worms can cause poisoning. That is, when the worms begin to break down the intestine of the host, decomposition products poison the blood.

Finally, it should be noted that the expulsion of worms, even if I have all the rules, does not guarantee protection from re-infection. Pests continue throughout a person's life, so you can drink the grass to eat fresh carrots and pumpkin seeds just for prevention.

Herbal parasites in the human body: recipes to get rid of worms

Bioactive components that are involved in parasite fees, to immobilize the worms, forcing them to break away from tissues and out naturally through the intestines.

Herbal infusions are used to expel parasites, positive effect on the choleretic action of the body. They prevent the development of foci of inflammation, promotes the excretion of toxins.

Security measures

All the herbal parasite contains in its composition of toxic substances. By using them, you should observe safety measures:

  • drink drugs against worms only the complete destruction of the parasites. Unfounded the continuation of the course of treatment harmful to human health. Toxins contained in the composition of herbs, can cause poisoning;
  • treatment with anti-helminth strictly to the dosage. An extra dose will cause poisoning of the organism;
  • herbs against parasites is used only after medical consultation. The doctor, taking into account the characteristics of helminth infection patient advise, what plants are the composition of the anti-parasitic Composition.

Plants used for the generation of anti-parasitic payments

The composition of the de-worming fees are included in the number of leaves of wormwood, yarrow, buckthorn bark, and oak, red bell pepper, st. john's wort, inflorescences of tansy, Rue, clove, chamomile, thyme, mint marsh, peel pomegranate, garlic cloves, early walnut and ginger.

Effect of the flowers of tansy

The plant included a powerful compound, thujone, destructive acts ascarids, pinworms and other parasites, contribute to the removal of Giardia in the liver.

The grass has a strong choleretic action. It stimulates, liver, intestines, raise blood pressure, lower the heart rate. Tansy flowers are full of toxic substances. Can not be used to remove worms in children and pregnant women. The rest of you should follow the doctor's advice.

The leaves of wormwood

Wormwood affects the worms tansy. Drugs used in the mouth and enemas. Overdose in humans, convulsions and hallucinations. Preparations of wormwood does not handle more than 15-20 days. Between courses of treatment is to take a break, lasts 1.5-2 months.


charges against parasites

Inflorescences of herbs rich in essential oils, which have properties against parasites. Administration of decoctions, in the form of powder or oil of cloves can help you:

  • to break the lifecycle of worms;
  • to relieve pain and spasms in the intestines;
  • remove intoxication (due to diuretic effect);
  • to raise the appetite, which is due to helminth infestation is low (especially in children);
  • fix damage to the mucous membrane of the left parasite.

Cloves are used as monotherapy and complex treatment of worm infestation. Mixed with other herbs against parasites note in order to improve the therapeutic effect, effectively destroys the worms. Combined payments are used to treat severe forms of the disease.

How to make nail powder

Inflorescence spices ground into a powder. One-time use of 1.25 g of powder (1/4 teaspoon). The intermediate medication and food for 25-30 minutes. The first drink, powder, then eat.

This method of clove fully reveal the healing properties. The active substance contained in the herbs, immediately have a devastating effect on the worms.

If you don't maintain spacing, substances that kill parasites, combined with the food-solid, their concentration falls and the drug exposure is reduced to a minimum.

Also, antiparasitic compositions fees

Herbal mix of wormwood (1 g), tansy (3 g) and buds of clove (1.5 g). This collection is a unique name for the Triad of russia.

  1. Brewing in a thermos, pour 1 tablespoon of the mixture and pour 1 Cup of boiling water. Give the medicine to infuse for 30 minutes. Drink three times a day for 3 tablespoons before a meal.
  2. This collection is often made of powder. The grass is in a mortar or crushed in a blender. One dose-use 1 teaspoon of powder in air slides. Means to take in the morning with water. Powder drink according to the scheme: 1. day 1 tl; 2. day – 2 tsp.; then 7 days, take 3 tsp. After the main treatment, prevention, lasting several months, use 1 teaspoon. collection once a week.

Collection save the the human body 100 varieties of parasites. It neutralizes the worms, fungi, viruses and bacteria. The active substance to the nail, kill the eggs and larvae of worms, prevent them from multiplying.

Collection against helminths on the basis of 7 medicinal plants

The composition includes wormwood, knotweed, thyme, dandelion roots (part 2); tansy, peppermint (1 piece), cloves (3 pieces). Brewing taking 2 tbsp. mixture on top and 0.5 liters of boiling water. The infusion is ready to use in 40 minutes. Drink in small portions throughout the day.

A mixture of ginger, honey and cloves

Crushed ginger, clove powder and honey mixed in a ratio of 1:1:0,5. The medicine should take 7 days. Single dose – 1 tsp.


You need to consider that most of the plants, which are able to expel worms, is contraindicated. They who are not appointed for children up to 12 years of age and pregnant women. Do not use in the treatment of people with hypersensitivity to the components included in the collection.

They are contraindicated for those who suffer from gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. Such collecting is not recommended for women during menstruation.

A small dose does not lead to the correct result. Overdose leads to the accumulation of toxins in the human body, causing poisoning.


Take herbs against worms only after consultation with your doctor. The use of pharmacy fees. They're strictly the ratio of herbs. These handbooks detailed description of the method of preparation of drugs and recommended doses. This approach helps the person avoid side effects and other health problems.