Diagnosis and treatment against parasites that cause cough

The cough is often perceived as a sign of a cold. But not everyone knows that it can cause parasites that live. As a rule, they do not manifest themselves openly, so to detect them you need to see a specialist.

If the parasites penetrate the respiratory system begins active reproduction, and as a result, the high activity may occur cough. If the address of the patient's treatment is reason to suspect the presence of worms in the body, are all needed in this study. Should try to know in advance what parasites cause coughing. The information may encourage the person to timely go to the doctor, if he discovers his adverse symptoms.

parasites in the lungs

A variety of parasites that can cause cough

Types of parasites that can cause cough in humans, is known the following:

  1. Roundworm;
  2. Giardia;
  3. Toxocara;
  4. The Lung Fluke.

Mainly helminths place to live choose to in the intestine. There they multiply rapidly and are constantly shifting gradually settled in the whole body. They move through the bloodstream, the liver, and then settle in the body. Vessels of blood they can penetrate into the bronchi and lungs.

The worms live in the human body, blood and tissues, where they live. The process of life is the release of toxic products, which would seriously poison the human body. The result is the development of inflammatory processes, reduces the body's ability to resist malware infection, often begin the disease more serious.

Roundworm and Giardia are ready to live anywhere in the organs of the human body. If they penetrate into the respiratory system, this means that larvae are simply looking for a new place to visit. Fluke and Toxocara as a habitation, try to select the bronchi, lungs, trachea. This is a common parasite that can cause a cough.

A small part of them live in the respiratory tract, allowing the body along with discharge, wet cough, runny nose. Then a little back, while the parasites of the transition to the intestine, the respiratory system.

Who are the Fluke and the ways of their penetration into the body

If the plant appeared in the lung Fluke, the signs can be the following:

symptoms of parasites
  • At the beginning, when the Fluke are just starting to occupy the lungs, cough humidity;
  • If the body of helminths live for quite a long time, throating sputum with traces of pus and blood.

Such a parasite referred to flukes – penetrates the respiratory system, they quickly begin to destroy living tissue. In the body of the patient when the infection began. Gradually, this disorder leads to multiple sclerosis, the tissues begin to atrophic changes. Inflammation requires a more permanent character, that the patient is still unstable.

In principle, the penetration of the flukes in humans takes place during the open water. Common native fish and other inhabitants, such as ponds, and in them the infection is through water, that is, the size of the habitat. If you don't eat fish, what the source of the infection, which has not received adequate thermal treatment, malicious creatures from the human body and begins a flurry of activity.

Giardia and symptoms

Giardia, unlike other types of worms, at the beginning of the infection almost not noticeable. First of all, their presence is not obvious. Can then began to cough. From that moment on, it is important to start treatment next symptoms will only get worse. If neglect treatment, giardiasis will quickly pass into the chronic stage.

Gradually, the disease progresses, inflammation of the lung tissues, can be allergies, intoxication. Often found in asthma, works complication of the active life of the Giardia.

Infection can also be that all the people – the main sources that trigger the penetration of harmful micro-organisms, are milk, poorly washed fruits and vegetables, infected water, especially standing water.

Because they can affect the roundworm is the respiratory system

parasites in the body

More often than other parasites, causing coughing roundworm. When roundworm larvae penetrate into the body, they start their active life. Usually the parasites are located in the trachea – the inner surface has cilia, which helps the larvae to move from one end to the other.

During the cough the larvae of Ascaris often come in the mouth. Some of them leave the body along with coming out during the cough the sputum, but in some cases, they find a way to come back. Add the larvae penetrate the mouth into the stomach then the intestine – a process in slatinany saliva.

The activity of the parasite, provoking a dry, subtle cough, which gradually gets wet. If the shuttle found in the body of the patient for quite a long time, a strong cough often leaves blood.

In addition, what will cough the parasite, the patient may have been other signs of the presence of Ascaris:

  • Breathing is difficult, gradually respiratory failure;
  • The inflammatory process, which can occur in different regions of the lungs;
  • The patient's lips are cyanotic.

The main causes the shuttle to move people are not well washed fruits and vegetables or insufficient purity after close contact with animals. During the holiday in all parts of the body of the roundworm can grow up to 15 cm long.

Toxocara – how they affect the body

It is believed that the greatest danger to humans Toxocara. Their presence is manifested in various symptoms:

  • Cough;
  • Temperature rise;
  • Complicated breathing, followed by whistling, shortness of breath;
  • Vision problems;
  • Allergies, rash on the body;
  • Cough attacks.

The above listed symptoms are often a symptom of toxocariasis', which is caused by worms of this type. They often called more "dog ascarid". The main source of penetration of the parasite inside the human body is a dog, especially a stray. When in contact with them the risk of infection.

The worms can grow inside the human body length of 20 cm, They often colonize the trachea, bronchi, lungs.

cough parasites

How the action of the parasite

When the first symptoms appear the infection in the form of cough, it is necessary to make a diagnosis of the presence of the organism of infections especially parasitic infestations. When it is confirmed, the parasite, treatment must begin immediately.

In these cases, the funds, which will help get rid of the cough does not bring much impact, because it is not, because they cause the targeted action of the drug. As a result, people are getting the wrong treatment can be quite serious complications. For example, you may experience problems with light. Also worms can cause cancer and respiratory in various forms, and in some cases develop asthma.

All systems of the human body are connected to each other. As soon as the disease develops, affected, and other organs. Can occur damage of the optic nerve, disturbed vision function.

The skin is also affected, and quite seriously – they get a rash. This phenomenon toxocariasis' is considered typical. There is a disorder of metabolism. The sick began to advance dysbiosis, open vomiting and severe diarrhea. Later reproduction of the parasite provokes problems with ventilation. Often in such situations, asthma attack they present in the patient's life in danger.

How is the diagnosis of the disease

At the time of diagnosis can provide greater certainty to figure out what parasites living in the respiratory system. When the first signs of the disease in the form of a cough, the doctor will likely to be directed at research, which confirms the presence in the body of certain infections. If analyses have not confirmed this, it contains information about the location of the worms in the trachea, lungs and bronchi.

Can be determined by the following tests:

  • The investigation of urine, blood;
  • The stool test for the presence of worms in the body.

Check out cal only in the first few hours after a fence – later biological material can give false results. During the study, blood will focus on the speed with which red blood cells settle, the indicators, the number of eosinophils, which are a special type of white blood cells, which operate cleaning equipment blood of foreign organisms. If the number is exceeded, it raises a suspicion of parasites in the body.

treatment of parasites

Patients with helminthiasis, the study of blood revealed a low hemoglobin level. In such cases, it is necessary to do some tests – so need to, because the worms are reproductive and development.

Usually the parasite, which can cause coughing, using conventional diagnostic methods are defined, is quite difficult. Often raises the need once again to take the test. Subsequent treatment is determined by what identify the type of parasite, when the disease.

How the treatment of these diseases

Diseases, that cause respiratory system parasites, treatment is carried out comprehensively. They are Based on medication for antihelminthic activity.