The causes of worms in humans: symptoms

Helminthiasis is a common problem among certain groups of the population. Children, as a rule, parasitic pinworm, people who often consume fish, to diagnose difillobotrioz, among hunters circulated trichinosis.

The fact that people worms cause the development of many diseases, which seemingly has nothing to do with it, helminthiasis, currently confirmed in several studies. In particular, there is a theory that helminth diseases are associated with the development of cancer processes.

And after that, when the patient need to choose the right system for worming treatment, the disease can be cured. Therefore, ask yourself the questions: "What should I do if I have worms, how to get tested for parasites, and did not catch, if I'm close?", don't be afraid to see a doctor and get answers to all the questions and know what to do if you have worms.

How to get worms?

Helminth eggs can enter the human body in different ways. The main ways of infection there are four:

  • Biogelmintozy. Worms can be raw or poorly thermally processed meat and fish. You can get infected by eating bacon, shashlik, dried fish, sushi, etc.
  • Geohelminthiasis. Mature helminth eggs, which are soil and water, enter the body. In this environment they found themselves in, and because there is human feces and the feces of animals. Also attacks occur when a person has contact with animals, for example, to permanently remove a cat or dog feces, and when infected products eggs fly.
  • Please contact us.The most common worms, human pinworms are transferred from one person to another. In this case, the risk of getting this disease is high.
  • Several parasites can enter the body when a person is bitten by insects.
Try to find the answer to the question, what is and how is worms, be aware that the way infected from the feces. That is, people are just swallowing the eggs of worms when he eats food, drinks water. In more rare cases, worms in a man is when the insect bites that were infected.
Infection of worms through the soil

After that it was contact with soil, sand, etc., you need not only good to wash your hands and clean nails. Children better to cut the nails very short. All vegetables that grow in the ground, should be very carefully washed, and, if possible, scalded with boiling water.

Animals and flies Girl with dog

Helminth eggs may be present in the house domestic animals – cats, dogs, who walk on the street. The risk of infection happens when kids play with animals. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately take measures, if there is a suspicion that bred worms in cats. Symptoms and treatment of infection in animals can be obtained from a veterinarian or watch the corresponding video online. In this way the body can receive all kinds of worms. So the answer to the question to seize the dog from humans and can be contracted by dogs, it is simple: Yes, it is possible.

Another peddler worms, flies. They can at first sit in the feces, waste, livestock, and then come and take the food. As a result, they carry helminth eggs, in humans when infected with the helminth diseases occur.

Worms are passed from person to person

How do you get pinworms, and transmitted from person to person, these parasites? The answer to this question is simple: if the Pope children last night from the intestines to the rectum crawls the female pinworm, it is close to the anus can provide a large number of eggs – up to 5000 pieces.

As a result, there is a strong itch, a little itch, the eggs get on his hands. Next, in the hands of the baby eggs to get clothing, bedding, other items for the baby. How do the worms, then, is clear: eggs are infected by other children, adults, and then in the body multiply small white pinworms. That is why it is very important to wash your hands before eating, after coming home from public places.

Infection through the water

A lot of the parasite eggs in the open water and well water. Therefore, people who use this water, use a special antibacterial filter. It is also very important to boil the water that they drink and eat food, it is cooked. It is very dangerous to swallow the water.

You should consider talking about what a worm infestation, that it is a disease that most often affects children, because they are very susceptible helminthes. The fact that the children's protective railings are not to the same extent as adults, they are the acidity of the stomach below.

Also signs of the presence of worms in a child looks very often due to the fact that young children are in the process of development of the world try to taste everything that came to hand. Therefore, parents often notice symptoms of worm infestation in children, in particular, the itching of the anus, loss of appetite, cough in children, when infected, etc. But to teach the child the strict observance of hygiene rules in the first years of his life impossible. Therefore, at this time, contamination risk is the highest of all family members.

Signs of worms

When infected with certain parasites manifest the first symptoms of worms in humans. What symptoms appear with worms, if you have an infection has taken place, details can be found expert. But some of the signs of worms in humans, it is possible to notice on their own.

Women abdominal pain

So, the most striking feature of what happened infestation is the presence of a sudden weight loss. Also, the patient turns pale, the skin is manifested as anemia. Exterior signs of worm infestation are also visible – the man looks tired, he can raise fatigue.

The worms cause itching of the anus, if the infection of the intestine. However, they can parasitize to other organs – lungs, liver, bladder and even arm or leg, etc.

However, all of the above are symptoms of parasites in the human body – is only the first common signs of infection which develop a massive loss of body worms and you can recognize that with health something not so. There are other, more specific symptoms of worm infestation in adults. The patient can perceive the manifestation of other diseases. It is a long time for the treatment of such diseases, of course, to no avail. It takes as long as it is not defined the exact cause of these symptoms – bot.

What are the symptoms of worms in adults and children can take place?

Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract

If the parasites are localized in the intestine and other organs, the most important manifestation of adults and children, violation of the digestive function. A person may be concerned about the constant diarrhea or constipation, sometimes manifested by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, pain in the right hypochondrium, near the navel, intestinal disorders. If infested with intestinal parasites, often concerned about flatulence.

All of these symptoms can be serious, and a weak, constant and regular. It all depends on the massiveness of infection. There are a variety of worms, which produce hormone-like substances, under the influence, which develops constant diarrhea.

General malaise, disorders of the nervous system

The worms live and produce large amounts of toxic substances, regardless of live parasites in the blood, liver and lungs in humans. The heavier the infection, the more pronounced the symptoms of poisoning that affects the nervous system.

Finally, develop a headache, dizziness and nausea. Such signs some people take the development of migraine, and as a result, I drink painkillers.

Sometimes, when infected by parasites, fever, pains in the joints. In addition, helminth defeat provoke vitamin deficiency of nutrients in the body. This phenomenon, as well as depression of the nervous system, leads to the manifestation of chronic fatigue syndrome. The patient feels tired, he is worried, drowsiness, a feeling of weakness in the body. If we talk about the child, he is naughty, constantly nervous. Young children are sleep disorders, they cry or scream at night.

Allergy and skin symptoms

The worms cause deterioration of the skin. Toxins that worms infect the body, have a negative impact on its general condition and can cause the manifestation of the various reactions on the skin. Rashes appear as a result of histamine release from mast cells and the accumulation of the liquid part of blood tissue with animos et ad states, alliciant skin.

These same causes lead to the development of allergic reactions. In particular, can appear itching, red spots, pimples, hives, and dry cough, rhinitis allergic, the symptoms of asthma. Also when infected can exfoliate nails, hair breakage, cracks on the heels.

The weakening of the immunity, and infectious diseases

Because the body the worms eat, they excrete toxic waste products. Toxic effect, reducing the vitamins and minerals leads to the fact that the immune system of the infected deteriorates significantly. Eventually get worse and health condition, chronic diseases begin to interfere with inflammatory processes in the nose and throat – sinusitis, stomatitis. Women and girls is possible, candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis.

There is evidence that long-term infection of pinworms can develop inflammation of the appendages. In this case, it is important to recognize their presence. Parasites liver also cause halitosis, constant bad taste.

In addition, it is believed that the worms people provokes the appearance of snoring and teeth grinding in sleep. But currently, this relationship is not proven.

Where the parasites live in the human

Worms in the body

Identify the different parasites in the human body depending on where on the body they live in. How to determine if and how you can get rid of the parasite from the body depending on their type.


These worms live mainly in the intestine, live in its various departments. The small intestine is localized in the Thelaziasis, roundworm, tapeworm other tapeworms. The small intestine in the lives of the dwarf tapeworm, pinworm colon whipworm. All types of stomach parasites is about a hundred. Pictures and images can be found online.


This type of worms in humans reside in the intestine, and in organs and tissues. There are varieties which are located in the brain (cysticercosis) liver (hydatid disease), lungs (pulmonen CAVES morbo), the muscles of the lymphatic vessels (filariasis) and other worms.

Ascaris lumbricoides is a type that is specific to luminal and tissue parasite, as in the first stage of development, they can move through the blood to affect any organ. How to get rid of Ascaris, tell your doctor, who will prescribe treatment, once infected with such parasites.

How to identify a possible infestation?

To identify parasites in the body will help the specific test. You need to carefully read the signs below, find how many positive answers were given.

  • Constant or intermittent itching in the anus.
  • Appear on the skin symptoms.
  • Dizziness, frequent pain in the head.
  • At times nausea, vomiting for no reason.
  • Flatulence, diarrhea, bloating, constipation.
  • Restless sleep.
  • Swelling of the legs.
  • A variety of Allergy symptoms.
  • Lymph nodes are enlarged.
  • Sometimes a feeling of bitterness in the mouth.
  • Stomach hurts, the pain goes away on its own.
  • An increase in body temperature for no reason.
  • A constant feeling of fatigue, severe fatigue.
  • Work children group, preschoolers in the family.
  • Yellowing of the skin, mucous membranes.
  • Pain in muscles and joints without the stress.
  • Snoring and grinding teeth at night.
  • The presence of animals in home, work with animals.
  • You have people who love to eat dried fish, meat, sushi, bacon which has stripes of meat.
  • Constantly reducing weight at the same jump in appetite – increase or decrease.
  • You are not used to wash vegetables, herbs, fruits, never treat them with boiling water before use.

Prevention of infection with worms

Child and cat

To prevent infection, you need to clearly understand what are the causes of the attack, what is the helminths, which are worms. It is important to take all preventive measures, significantly reduce the risk of infection.

  • You need to carefully wash fruits and vegetables, and rinse them with boiling water.
  • It is important to combat flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes – keep track of where they come from, to destroy them.
  • Cook meat and fish, you need at least 40-60 minutes.
  • You need to use only their own personal hygiene items – towel, comb (don't care lice), etc.
  • It is important to teach a child, before eating and after each contact with animals to immediately go and wash your hands with soap and water.
  • If you have animals, large and small, must constantly offer them the means for the prevention of worms. Find out what it is, please contact your veterinarian.
  • It is important that very young children only had to clean the toys, you have to wash dropped pacifiers or pacifier.
  • You should wean your child from the harmful habits of sucking fingers, nail biting, eat a variety of things.
  • The kid must be clean and short nails.
  • To prevent infection with pinworms, children need to wear tight underwear, which prevents the spread of parasites and eggs in bed.
  • It is important to iron the baby's clothes after washing.
  • In the morning you need to change panties and wash the children.