Tools and rules for the prevention of worms in adults

Disease is better to prevent than to treat. Diseases caused by infestation with worms are no exception. Prevention of helminthiasis in humans is one of the most urgent problems today. Drugs used for the prevention and treatment of helminth infections represent the products of synthetic production.

Prevention of worms

With regard to the use of these drugs with the aim of prevention of helminthiasis, the opinions of experts are ambiguous. A certain percentage of doctors are against the use of these drugs for the prevention of helminthic infestation, as some have suggested. Together with the use of medication, is non-specific prevention of helminthiasis in adults, which will be mentioned below.

Non-specific methods

The prevention of diseases caused by the larvae of helminths, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not neglect the rules of personal hygiene and household hygiene (washing hands before eating, after using the toilet, and public places).
  • Regularly change underwear and bed linen.
  • Perform the necessary heat treatment of food.

As active measures to prevent the infection of helminthiasis opponents of the medical treatment makes it possible to use alternative methods to prevention is to eat pumpkin seeds and garlic.

The use of medicines for the prevention of

Supporters of the drug to prevent the infection of worms, please note that there are cases where the use of this group of drugs is justified. Such situations include infection one of the family members, where the preventive measures should target all of the rest of the family.

The presence of symptoms, such as itching of the anus, partial or complete loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, are a strong argument for de-worming the reception start means. The main indications for receiving de-worming medications to prevent are:

  • The Presence Of A Pet.
  • Daily contact with outdoor soil (children arrive in the sandbox, agricultural workers).
  • People who regularly travel to exotic countries.
  • A person who has Hobbies related to fishing, as well as frequent stays on the beach.
  • Regular visits to the children's sports and recreational facilities.

The choice of the optimal preparation

The whole list of available, de-worming medications can be divided into specific and nonspecific. Drugs that have a narrow spectrum of action, is more toxic. Some drugs have a minimal list of side effects. If there is a certain risk of infection by worms, to determine the necessary system precautions, you should consult a medical professional.

All drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy. Sometimes their use can be justified during treatment some kinds of parasites, but only after a doctor's appointment. In any case, prevention during pregnancy, if breast-feeding is not allowed. You should also pay attention to the condition of the liver and it is highly desirable to carry out the preparatory and remedial action.

Any de-worming product has several side effects, including very rare serious. Of such drugs is strictly prohibited during pregnancy and in patients with concomitant pathology of internal organs and systems.

The most common side effects of, taking de-worming drugs are:

  • Sleep disorders, difficulty falling asleep;
  • Excessive irritability;
  • Partial or complete loss of appetite;
  • The appearance of inflammatory reactions in the oral cavity;
  • The muscle pain.

Remember that prescribing medication to prevent the infection of helminthiasis deals exclusively with the attending physician, and only depends on the availability of certain evidence.