Parasites are very different. They may be microscopic, but can reach a length of several meters. Different and their habitats in the body: intestines, liver, muscles, and sometimes even the brain. In fact, parasites can settle everywhere. If the parasite's worms (worms), the disease is usually called helminths.

Uninvited "guests" in our body is dangerous for two reasons: they can mechanically destroy the bodies and poison their waste.


It should be noted that fatal infections rarely lead. This is not surprising, because the host dies and the parasite. So people can be treated a variety of ailments, due to fatigue, lack of vitamins, and allergies — poor environment and heredity. But the cause of these problems can be parasites, poisoning the body. No one in the world, regardless of age and social status, can not be immune from falling into his body of the parasites.

Symptoms of infection with worms

Complaints of people in the body, which are solved by parasites can be very different. Possible symptoms of parasites helminths:

  • indigestion, flatulence, unstable stool, often abdominal pain, itching in the anus;
  • pain and inflammation in the joints;
  • skin rashes, itchy skin:
  • weakness, fatigue, hair loss, lowered hemoglobin levels;
  • mental depression, irritability, anxiety, grinding the teeth, and drooling in his sleep, insomnia and other sleep disorders;
  • feel bad for no apparent reason and diagnosis.

Increased sensitivity to allergens can also be the result of worms. It is believed that more than half of all allergic reactions and even asthma can be a result of existing or once last helminthiasis.

Type of parasite

Organisms that live at the expense of our many. Currently, a person can find more than 200 species of parasites. Here are the most common of them.

Toxoplasma gondii

Affects the nervous system, liver, spleen, skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle. The most dangerous for pregnant women. If the expectant mother gets sick with toxoplasmosis, the child is likely to be born with deformities.


Often causes damage of the colon with prolonged diarrhea. According to the Who, amebiasis happens 10% of the population of the globe.


The growth of the body tissues of the host, like a malignant tumor. Often affects the liver and brain, where the value of education caused by parasites, can reach 15 cm in diameter.


Lives and multiplies in the blood of the sick person. Can pass through the walls of blood vessels upon entering the bladder and intestines. Embryos inside the eggs, secrete a special poison that can destroy tissue and poison the body.


Most commonly found in children who live in the lower regions of the small intestine and part of colon. If pinworms blocking the Appendix, it can cause an attack of appendicitis. Break the digestion and absorption of food, in the blood of patients, reduced levels of essential trace elements.


The larvae of Ascaris in humans can lead to serious failures in work of immune system. In the early stages of the disease may experience fever, dry cough, rash, increased liver sometimes. The dispute in the intestine, roundworm secrete toxins, which are strong allergens.

Important diagnosis

Modern diagnostic methods allow to detect almost all sorts of parasites. However, several cases remain unresolved. Patients usually do not even think that they could attack the worms. After all, weakness, depression, loss of appetite, headaches, allergic reactions can occur in many different diseases.

As a result, the people have not appointed the necessary tests, and the real cause of the disease is not disclosed. Because people still go to doctors and take useless drugs.

Therefore, the diagnosis of parasitic infections is very important. Especially in cases where the diagnosis is not fully understood, treatment will help a person bad, but the complaints continue.

Treatment of helminths separately

A universal method to get rid of parasites does not exist. The approach to treatment is always individual. Possible treatment with drugs or other methods. Sometimes even require surgery. The final tactic to get rid of parasites is determined by a physician after a thorough examination.

Currently, due to the large changes in the environment, extensive application of antibiotics and other drugs, often unhealthy food has changed the clinical picture of helminthiasis. According to the CF every second or third child is identified as parasitic problems: giardiasis, ascariasis, hookworm, toxoplasmosis, enterobiasis, etc. In the context ampliatio limit of travel to exotic and warm country, often identified helminthiasis, which previously had been observed only in some areas – schistosomiasis, opisthorchiasis, etc. The presence of worms in the body significantly reduced immunity to viral diseases. This is especially noticeable in the study of the subject by the method of art, and often chronically ill children, and is often the cause of prolonged low-grade fever.

To diagnose helminthiasis, you can use several methods:

  • Microscopic (detection of parasites in the media).
  • ELISA-ELISA (diagnostic blood tests for antibodies).
  • The method of artificial insemination - definition of parasite by the frequency characteristics.

Art method has several advantages compared to other methods:

  • Non-invasive, i.e., without blood sampling, which is important especially in Pediatrics.
  • Allows to determine the parasite at different stages (eggs, larvae, adults) and parasites in the organs. Unfortunately, analysis of the feces the eggs of worms are not always reliable due to the fact that the parasites in the body is done in different stages of development, so to understand, it will need to pass a stool repeatedly.
  • Compared with the immunological method – art diagnostic cheaper method.
  • Reliability > 80%.
  • CF allows to identify the bot and determine the most effective method of treatment: frequency of treatment - exogenous and endogenous BRT, herbal therapy and chemotherapy.
  • Homeopathic treatment together with anthelmintic treatment can significantly strengthen the immune system, normalize gastrointestinal tract, nervous system and other systems.
  • According to the CF diagnostic helminth infections are common in patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. As well as diseases related to the metabolic and acid-base balance of the organism (diabetes, obesity, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis of the intestines, hepatitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, etc.)

When deworming and cleansing of the body is usually easier, as the underlying disease, often observed in clinical remission. In such cases, the method of art also allows you to choose the right food.

clinical cases

Clinical cases

Patient K., 35 years, appealed to the complaints of frequent painful urination, which appeared after the summer holidays. At the end of urination. sometimes there was blood. Disease duration was 1.5 months. Was treated with antibiotics and other medications, with a diagnosis of cystitis. Treatment brought temporary relief, and then rose again in complaints. According to the CF diagnostic revealed schistosoma haematobium is the. After a course of BRT-treatment and a homeopathic remedy two weeks health has improved significantly. Control examination after 1 month – schistosoma has not been tested.

My 6-year-old sent in connection with herpes outbreak on the face. During VRT testing revealed ascariasis. After homeopathic treatment, BRT treatment ascariasis has not been tested. Herpes does not re-occurred.

Patient B., 45 years addressed in the context of the polyvalent Allergy to food, medicines, household allergens, which was manifested by urticaria, angioedema. Due to illness was forced to leave work. When investigating the method of art revealed: toxoplasmosis, ascariasis. After a course of treatment during the year, health has improved significantly, learned a new profession, got a job.