Treatment of parasites in the human body

Parasites on the basis of medical Parasitology, that all the creatures that live at the expense of its owner.

With the exception of viruses and bacteria.

Parasites are divided into protozoa and helminths.
The simplest cause of giardiasis, toxoplasmosis, malaria, trichomoniasis, and other diseases. Worms – a source of ascariasis, echinococcosis enterobiosis and other diseases.

  1. complete dependence on the host,
  2. threat to the health and normal human life,
  3. a close relationship with the owner a certain period of time.

A variety of parasitic organisms

Usually in the human body there are two types of parasites:

  1. roundworm roundworms, length 40 cm. Adults live in the small intestine and quietly forward, it takes one year
  2. tapeworm – tapeworm or tapeworm. They live in the intestines of humans, can live up to 25 years.

Sometimes it's Giardia, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, pinworms.

How is infection

1. Contaminated drinking water from the tap. The size of certain types of parasites allow them to slip through ordinary filter.

2. Dirty vegetables and fruit (especially exotic) contribute to contamination.

3. Contact With Pets. Infection, even if the animal is at a distance of five meters (parasites are transmitted through saliva and air).

4. Blood-sucking insects are carriers of harmful microorganisms.

5. Some parasites are transmitted by airborne droplets or handshake.

6. Infected meat products, which are not made of quality, heat treatment, causing infection.

7. The main source of parasites in raw fish.

Symptoms and signs

The parasites are carried throughout the body via blood and the lymphatic system. They can occur anywhere on the body. Tend to accumulate in the intestine, liver, biliary tract, kidney.

The main proof of presence in the body of harmful micro-organisms are the following:

  1. violation of the chair – people, who often suffer from constipation or diarrhea
  2. discomfort in the stomach and intestines, possible bloating and flatulence,
  3. rapid weight loss, at the same time, increased appetite (sometimes there is a sharp obesity),
  4. immunosuppression
  5. a feeling of constant fatigue, anxiety, the person begins to overcome depression,
  6. bad breath,
  7. dizziness,
  8. black eyes,
  9. hair and nails become brittle,
  10. a person has skin problems – acne, skin condition, rash, sores appear in the corners of mouth and cracked heels.
black eyes

How to identify

When the first symptoms should go to the clinic and get tested for parasites.

1. You need to move the feces to detect eggs of worms. This analysis is desirable to be repeated 2-3 times, when passing feces may at the same time, when the parasites have not yet eggs.

2. A blood test for the presence of antibodies that the body produces to destroy the parasites. This method will show results only in the later stages of the disease.

Preparations for cleansing the

A couple of days before the release of parasites from the body should go on a diet, which facilitates the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

1. It is necessary to reduce the ration of meat products.

2. Eat more vegetables rich in fiber.

3. To add to the diet content of greens, dairy products, seeds, seaweed, vegetables and fruits. It is believed that the parasites do not make products, red and green.

Cleaning at home

The first method of cleansing the body is drugs. Medicines should be prescribed by the attending physician.

Drugs has a strong toxic effects, has a number of contraindications. After treatment should be done, of course, strengthen the immune system.

The second method is cleaning with the help of folk remedies. These methods have a mild effect on the body, has fewer contraindications.

But before the criminal treatment should consult with your doctor. Tips for the expulsion of parasites from the body can use safe contraception.

The way people

1. Receipt of funds on the basis of medicinal plants. The preparation is carried out in the following manner:

  1. take 100 grams of tansy, 50 grams of cloves and 30 grams of wormwood, mix the dried ingredients
  2. grind the mixture to powder.

The first day of treatment take one teaspoon of the drug before meals. On the second day, or two tablespoons, in the third and later – three teaspoons. The course of treatment is several months.

These vegetables contain substances that destroy parasites.

To prepare the mixture, take a large onion, chop in a meat grinder or use a blender.

Add a Cup of boiling water and leave overnight. In the morning strain the resulting "treatment".

Take half a Cup a day for several days. Then take a break and repeat the course of treatment.

Garlic has been used for the Central component of candles. Take one head, peel and mix, pour boiling water (a small amount).

After 20-30 minutes, wipe this solution of cotton wool, wrap a good bandage. Insert a candle into the rectum (15 – 20 minutes).

3. Cleansing the body using coconut. This product helps to remove parasites.

Way pleasant to the taste and will appeal to most people.

Do funds take the coconut, separate the milk to him.


Attach the resulting mass to the milk, stir.

Take every day three teaspoons. Store mixture in a refrigerator.

The course of treatment – 14 days. After take a break and repeat the treatment.

4. Frees the body of worms helps the flax and cloves. For this you need to prepare the following tool:

  1. prepare one part of the flax seeds and the same amount of cloves
  2. grind the resulting mass in a coffee grinder
  3. take 20 grams per day. The tool can be added to food or consumed separately from food
  4. the mixture should be taken within three days, and then make a similar break and do three days in a row. The course of treatment – one month.

5. Cleanse the body with a mixture of chicory with other herbs.

Pour the mixture into 0.5 l of water and boil for 15 minutes.

The resulting solution should be taken during the week. Drink a quarter Cup on an empty stomach. Ready means stored in the refrigerator.

6. Pumpkin seeds are a tasty treat. They – an effective remedy for the expulsion of parasites.

Pumpkin seeds are sprinkled with salt water, then preheat the griddle or fry in a small amount of vegetable oil, add salt. A treat to eat, regardless of the meal.

Complications and consequences

Parasites negatively affect host. They slowly poison the body's waste products, reduces human immunity.

After cleaning harmful micro-organisms is possible, the following reactions:

  1. Allergy,
  2. immune deficiency
  3. reduction of hemoglobin,
  4. chronic diseases of the body, where harmful micro-organisms.

The state children's parasites have a negative impact.

They cause delay in physical and mental development, memory impairment, delay in sexual development.

This can not be cleaned

At home you can bring the parasites in the following situations:

  1. those with heart disease (heart attack, stroke, history of),
  2. Oncology,
  3. at exacerbation of chronic diseases
  4. patients with acute kidney and liver failure,
  5. people who suffer from peptic ulcer, gastritis,
  6. during pregnancy and lactation
  7. colds.

Parasites make a lot of effort and harm to the health of the host. A person may many years of living harmful micro-organisms and not even know it.

Prevention is regular cleaning of the body. Before using any of the methods warnings.

How dangerous are parasites in the human body and how they shorten, see the movie air force.