Type of parasites in the human body

Statistics show that the parasites in our time, the infected one in four people on the planet. They are both adults and children. Parasitic worms is striking different organs of the human body, feeding off the host, sucking him all the most useful.

To combat helminth infection is easy enough, it's just important to know which of the hundreds of species we fight. This, the first manifestations of infestation, it is necessary to consult a doctor and get tested. Medical is the most Common distribution of parasitic worms in the groups:

The type of localization

Enteric (live in the gastrointestinal tract that affects the small intestine):

  • Round helminth.
  • Tapeworms.

Extraintestinal (living in different areas of the body, number of eyes, liver, brain):

  • The flat worms.

Way infection

Contagious (transferred from the infected person to a healthy one through contact with him or personal hygiene (towels, tooth brush, tableware, toys)):

  • The dwarf tapeworm.
  • Pinworms.

helminth (infection occurs through contact with animals or eating infected meat that has not completed the appropriate heat treatment):

  • The beef tapeworm.
  • The pork tapeworm.
helminth (infection occurs through unwashed vegetables, fruits, herbs):
  • Roundworm.
  • Regarding.

According to the biological characteristics of the

This group of parasites are:
  • Tapeworms.
  • The shuttle.
  • The whale's tail.

The most common helminth

There are several types of helminth parasites that live in people will absorb all the power and nutrients. As a rule, the person begins to notice signs of helminth only after he already caused irreparable damage.

Understanding which parasites are inhabitants of the human body the most, pay attention to the group shuttle. Such helminth infection happen more often than others. They get to the digestive tract, penetrate the intestine and begin to multiply at lightning speed, taking advantage of people.


This helminth enters the human body lotis manduca is correctly vegetables, fruits, herbs. They live in the country and waiting in the wings. Bark, who lives in the parasites, is so dense that it is able to withstand the aggressive environment of the human stomach. Thus, helminth belonging to the large and small intestine, where they begin their parasitariis activity. Ascaris</1_img>

Penetrates the intestine, people can't stay there, and make their way into the bloodstream, entering the so that the heart, liver, lungs, and then mucus again into the intestine. There have been cases where the detection of the eggs of ascarids in the brain, they cause disturbances in the organs of the body.

Symptoms of infection scaris adults are nausea, loss of appetite, sleep, sudden weight loss, diarrhea, abdominal pain, reduced working capacity, people are constantly and tires easily. The child has a constant whims, distracting, delayed mental and physical development, deteriorating school performance.

Individuals can reach 40 cm in length. The known cases of mechanical obstruction the stomach ball of ascarids. Cured of the parasite, which is of particular medicines.


Is a parasitic species of roundworm that can affect any organ in the human body, even the eyes and brain. Infection with worms occurs, communication and people with Pets that are carriers of pathogenic organisms.

The length of parasitic worm reaches 30 centimeters. The larvae, once inside, expands, becomes able to lay eggs, which then spread through the bloodstream to other parts of the body.

Intoxication and inflammation of various etiologies, due to the action of parasitic worms.


Another type living in the gut of parasites are pinworms. This helminth, with a length of 3-12 mm. young children are susceptible to infection via unwashed food and hands, swallowing the eggs of worms. Pinworm</2_img>

The peculiarity of this type of helminth is a woman of action, who comes out at night when a person sleeps. She lays eggs around the anus. The child experiences itching and he began to scratch at the itchy of the body. In this stage, the larvae attach to the fingers and under the nails of the baby. helminth can live for weeks under the fingernails of the child. Re-infection occurs by ingestion of the fingers, who lives in the larvae of the baby's mouth.

To cope with pinworm without the use of drugs. Ferrum enough baby clothes with a hot iron every dream, to wear his tight underwear, avoid contact with your fingers helminth eggs, as well as short nails are driven, so that the eggs can't be there for a long time. In addition, you need to constantly wash the baby pens with soap and water. If necessary, use drugs to compulsory preliminary consultation with a specialist.


Very thin worm similar to, when viewed under a microscope the hair length is 30-35 mm. He lives and is parasitic in the large intestine. Helminth infection is similar to Ascaris. Unwashed vegetables, fruit and vegetables or unwashed hands properly can be a source of helminth eggs.

Symptoms of adenophorea infection are General malaise, constant pain in the abdomen and the head, if the patients experience dizziness and sleep disturbance. The person becomes restless, easily irritated, distracted.

Leave the body of the helminth can be done independently, requires the use of drugs. Tool works, paralyzes the movement of the parasitic worms, stopped their livelihoods, causing them to appear naturally.


The size of parasitic worms is extremely small, the length of the individual maximum of 4 mm., their Acquisition occurs by eating poorly processed meat containing helminth eggs. It is often pork or wild meat. Previously, the heat treatment of the violations, the crude product can cause infection of these species of helminths

The parasite can spread very quickly, get through the intestines to the bloodstream. Caterpillar, traveling inside the body, trying to settle in striated muscles (diaphragm, eye, or masseter muscle). Bacteria, worms, to get the desired part of the body, to create close to the capsule and can live for many years.

Symptoms of infection fleshworm are muscle pain, swollen eyelids and pain associated with eye movement, increased body temperature, there is swelling and face, without any reason, swelling of the hands, feet and wrists, a few days later, the infected person is already hurt all the muscles and joints, coordination is slightly disturbed, the skin rash occurs. Worried about people drowsiness or complete insomnia, persistent headache and upset stomach.

Infected by tapeworms are less common, but also found in both adults and children. As well, the parasites penetrate the human body the larvae and continue their development in the intestine.


A more familiar name, such as parasitic worms — tapeworm. Beef tapeworm is really huge and can reach 10 meters. Some bacteria parasitic worm is easy to get inside through neprozharennoe or undercooked meat properly.

The main symptoms of infection are considered violations of the chair, abdominal discomfort, sudden weight loss, belching, loss of appetite. The patient is irritable, suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders, dizziness. The child has a delay in overall development.

Pork tapeworm is more modest in size, its length is only 2 meters. The method of acquisition and the clinical picture is almost similar to the above, only the infected people use pork.

There is another kind of tapeworm is the dwarf. Name he received because of its relatively small size, the largest specimens do not exceed 5 inches in length. Unwashed hands are the most common cause of acquired parasitic worms. The most common place of habitat is the doorknob covers and toilet seat. Children are at risk of infection with dwarf tsepnem. Tapeworm</3_img>

When the risk of helminth infection, the patient is having abdominal pain, accompanied by nausea, loss of appetite, loss of weight of the patient. Dizziness is essential symptoms of infecting virtually all known helminth. Often in this case, seizures resembling epilepsy.

The tapeworm also tapeworm subspecies. Its length is 6 to 15 metres. A person can be infected with helminths through bad previously boiled river fish.

A peculiar symptom in this case is red spots on the tongue of the patient, who reminds her of her pain. In addition, an infected man to bother: vomiting, diarrhea, alternating constipation, constant dizziness and nausea.


Special attention among all the species of helminths should be given to such dangerous, such as Echinococcus. Before this parasite can any medication, and to cure the patient may only be surgically. Infection usually occurs through the domestic animals with which people often talks to and caresses.

Abandoned in the bloodstream, the virus can settle in any organ, joining and disease inside. The parasite creates a number of capsules filled with a liquid composition. He lives there himself and put the larvae. It is very important during surgery to remove it, pull it, along with the intact capsule. Otherwise, the infected will be all the organs, where to get liquid out from the capsule.


Another type of helminth commonly found in medical practice. Get inside the human larvae the fecal-oral route, if you neglect the rules of hygiene.

The small intestine becomes the residence of worms. The main symptoms of infection are constant cramps in the abdomen, nausea, irregular bowel movements, indigestion, flatulence. Patients also suffer from neurological disorders, intoxication and allergic reactions.

Win worms the people inside used antiprotozoal drugs, as well as enzymes, cholagogue and chelators.

A group of flat worms, flukes present, often affect the human race. fasciola is the most striking representative of the group, not less "popular" is considered a Fluke.


Parasitic worms of small size, reaching a length of 4-13 mm. It penetrates into the man and settles in the gall bladder or ducts. The path inside the worm rips are cooked properly or frozen uncooked river fish.

The clinical picture of the win a Fluke is expressed by the following signs:
  • the temperature rises to and takes a very long time, does not respond to the drug;
  • painful symptoms of the joints and muscle tissue;
  • cough;
  • rash;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • possible jaundice;
  • pain in the pancreas.

Complications of infection with this helminth can be very serious, so you need to immediately consult a doctor when the first symptoms of the infection. He who is to perform the appropriate research, and take tests, prescribe effective drugs that are able to eliminate parasitic worms and expel them from the person.


The gallbladder and ducts of this organ can be at home helminth. Parasitic worm reaches a length of 3-7 cm. You can get infected via unboiled water or eating raw seaweed.

The symptoms of the disease is almost constant: often dizziness, fatigue and malaise, urticaria. Very sore belly, develop jaundice. The disease can take a chronic form.

The world of medical practice, there is a huge number of parasitic worms, which are able to penetrate and live in the human body. All of them cause irreparable damage to your body, literally sucking the patient the essential nutrients. Once infected, immunity, is General malaise. There are a variety of underlying diseases or worsen chronic ailments.


Another representative of the group of flukes, a very dangerous kind of helminth, Schistosoma. You can become infected easily in the swimming pool or natural water when bathing, and after the beds of irrigation water, which is infected with larvae. Holistic skin and mucous membranes will not stop the insidious worm, he can enter the body and through them.

The disease, which is caused by parasitic worms, are expressed in skin itching and increased temperature high. Chronic stage of the disease can be a complication of this infection. The worm can cause prostate inflammation in men, and vaginitis, colitis, ascites and other diseases.


Take care to use a strong Antiparasitic drugs, which paralyze or destroy parasitic worms, supporting the natural removal from the body. In very advanced cases, onera complications, the use of surgical methods.