These recipes of traditional medicine to cleanse the body of parasites in a few days

It is well known that parasites cause irreparable damage to the human body. They affect the General condition of the person and cause a lot of unpleasant symptoms. So if you suspect an infestation of worms, you need as quickly as possible to diagnose and begin treatment.

folk remedies for the treatment of parasites

;The arsenal of modern medicine has a wide range of effective anthelmintic drugs and recipes of traditional medicine. Since ancient times for the treatment of parasitic infections were used herbs that even today the performance is not worse than pharmacological drugs.

What is the treatment of folk remedies

Treatment of parasites folk remedies has a number of advantages. Home treatments use natural herbal components. Treatment medicinal herbs are completely safe and have no side effects. Only treatment with medicinal plants can only be individual intolerance of a particular plant

Pharmacy synthetic drugs are very effective, they quickly and safely destroy parasites in the body, but they are not suitable for everyone, and in addition, they have several disadvantages. These drugs are very toxic and cause a lot of side effects and complications. Even experts in some cases, if there are serious contraindications, prohibited the treatment of these preparations.

Especially in children this medication can cause General poisoning and severe allergic reactions. It is quite natural that parents do not dare to use such drugs for small children, this is their reproach difficult. It is also impossible, anthelmintic drugs used in pregnant and lactating women.

These circumstances compel us to seek a way out of this situation: how to get rid of parasites without harming your health? And there is a solution. After all, the fight against parasites was done for centuries, and during that time has accumulated extensive experience in the use of natural medicinal plants.

grass parasites in the body

However, the use of folk recipes, there are a number of principles. First of all, the recipes of traditional medicine to create an environment that prevents vital functions of the parasite. They do not get the power, lose the ability to absorb glucose, can mate and lay eggs.

This effect is achieved by the method of concentration in the blood certain substances that are harmful effects of parasites. Therefore, the medicinal herbs to ensure the death of parasites and promote their excretion from the body, but also change the digestive system environment suitable for their activities. Recipes of traditional medicine the combined effect of the body. They eliminate the following processes in the organism, parasites:

  • improve the intestinal by removing overgrowth;
  • restore useful microflora;
  • has antiseptic effect on the occurrence of a secondary infections;
  • normalize metabolic processes and the electrolysis method;
  • increase the protective functions of the body;
  • excrete the dead parasites by using laxatives.

Treatment, recipes of traditional medicine is not complete without additional resources, to promote the recovery of the body after the parasitic infection. This requires the administration of the following medications:

  • enzymes;
  • sorbents;
  • vitamin and minerals;
  • laxatives;
  • antihistamines.

It is very important to fill in the body lack of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium and iodine.

Medicinal plants used in the fight against parasites

medicinal plants for the treatment of parasites

The most effective in the fight against parasites of plants, which have antiseptic properties:

  • bow;
  • garlic;
  • ginger;
  • air;
  • red bell pepper;
  • wormwood;
  • the sea buckthorn.

A laxative effect the following plants:

  • Rowan;
  • rhubarb;
  • licorice;
  • hay
  • the sea buckthorn.

A combination of the following herbal medicines involved in drug charges, which is the highest anthelmintic effect:

  • cloves;
  • wormwood;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • black walnut;
  • tansy;
  • calendula;
  • cumin;
  • sea buckthorn;
  • rosemary;
  • Helichrysum;
  • St. john's wort;
  • yarrow;
  • celandine;
  • chamomile;
  • coriander;
  • Angelica.

Drug charges of these herbs provides a comprehensive general treatment immediately in all directions.

Principles of successful treatment of medicinal plants

Effective treatment, recipes of traditional medicine should perform the following specific conditions:

  1. Rationalize the diet. The most important factor in the treatment of helminthiasis is adhered to a balanced diet without sugar, with added fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. After all, poorly digestible and slowly digestible food, to promote the fermentation of food in the intestine, which becomes fertile soil for the growth of the parasite. In addition, malfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract, violation of process of production of enzymes, reducing the useful intestinal microflora, which promote the growth and development of the parasite. In addition, certain foods only help the growth of the parasite. For example, meat products, cheese, legumes, it is recommended to eat without the bread, also, do not combine sausage and bread and meat and potatoes. Meat products should consume only vegetables. Grains rather to help rid the body of toxins, improve the digestive process.
  2. A way of life. Stimulate the growth and reproduction of worms are nicotine and alcohol. It seems a long time known that wrong way of life, press the immune system, however, knowing this, people do not rush to change their habits. Also there is one problem associated with silicon. Parasites normal life, as a man, the necessary silicon. Of course, they replenish it at the expense of the host organism, which causes a lack of this trace element. Another source of loss of silicon is a uv light. It destroys the collagen fibers, and silicon is an integral part of these fibers. All this leads to the development of serious diseases associated with lack of silicon in the body.
  3. Avoid contact with Pets. Pets are carriers and carriers of many parasites, so at the time of treatment they need to distance themselves, and after treatment; preventive deworming.

What precautions should be observed when treating with herbs

It so happened that during development, the parasite has acquired an amazing life vitality. They are very hardy for the environment and living organisms. Therefore, the struggle against parasites is quite a serious problem, to bring them is not always easy, for this you need to show some perseverance and patience. In addition to individual parasite is quite large in size, and is not always localized in the intestine.

Applying the wrong dosage and duration of treatment, not only can get rid of the parasites and force them to move to other organs and systems, or destroy all the parasites, but only some of them. In addition, it is worth remembering that all anthelmintic drugs destroy first all the adults and their eggs and larvae remain unchanged. For this reason, the treatment should be carried out according to a certain pattern and under strict medical supervision.

However, among men there is an opinion that herbs are harmless plants, which can be uncontrollably desired extent. This is a very dangerous delusion. Especially dangerous is the self medication of medicinal herbs.

Keep in mind that the system of reception of medicinal herbs is much more complex than medicines, which are already present in the dispensed volume (tablet or capsule). Their preparation is difficult because you need to strictly follow the recipe, does not change the concentration and ingredients. Also, do not forget that herbs are used in the fight against parasites, is quite toxic.

The home has all the chances to make mistakes in preparing medicines and. In all these cases, reducing treatment efficacy and increasing the likelihood of side effects, which lead to a prolonged recovery time.

Treatment, recipes of traditional medicine consider the combination of medicinal plants with each other. Compatibility with plants; the treatment of some diseases, can be dangerous in the presence of other diseases. Before you can prepare a decoction or infusion of herbs it is necessary to study all properties of plants and identify their compatibility. Besides, it is necessary to study the dosage and the schedule of the medicinal plants, as well as, in some cases, they can be dangerous. Because in addition to its main features, the plants can be quite a unwanted side effects and the use of the opposite effect on the body.

In addition, it is important to take into account the overall effect of medicinal plants on the body, because the same herb in different concentrations may have different effects on the body. Should take into account the other properties of plants, which are not always known to the simple inhabitant.

It is important to remember! Before starting the treatment medications, herbs, you should consult with your doctor. It is not necessary to self-medicate, it can lead to very serious consequences. To remove parasites from the body can be very difficult, this is not always possible to do quickly and easily, in this case, take a long reception of medicines, herbs, as well as other measures to promote the recovery and rehabilitation of the body.

Folk remedy for parasites in the human body

The main advantage of the treatment folk remedies is that each patient can choose a unique and safe treatment. Because medicinal plants larger doses are quite toxic.

Very popular and quite effective following the recipes of traditional medicine:

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds should be heated in a pan without adding oil, and then grind in a coffee grinder. The resulting powder take 1 gr. three times a day for 4-6 days.

Watermelon seeds and milk

Watermelon seeds is to grind in a blender and before use, mix in a ratio of 1 to 10. Taken two times a day for 1 glass.

Chanterelle mushrooms

chanterelle mushrooms

These mushrooms contain chitinmannose, which has a devastating effect on the parasite. However, be aware that mushrooms, which is heat-treated, not a parasite of any threat. The most effective way to make a mushroom tincture based on them. It is prepared as follows: 4 tbsp. chopped fresh mushrooms pour 300 ml of vodka, and then insist in a dark cool place for 15 days. Take before bedtime 1 tsp.


Prepare a garlic infusion, take one onion of medium size, crushed to mushy state and pour a glass of boiling water. Infuse the mixture for 10 hours. Apply tincture 100 ml 2-3 times a day for 4-5 days.


1tablespoon of rhizomes elecampane pour 1 Cup of boiling water and boil for 5 minutes. Then insist night and drink on an empty stomach the entire volume. Repeat the treatment 2-3 times a year.


One tablespoon of celandine pour a Cup of boiling water. The mixture is then kept for 15 minutes in a water bath. Insist 40 minutes, strain and take 3 times a day 75ml 3 days.



Take 1 teaspoon of crushed dried sage, pour the hot milk, insist and take the entire dose on an empty stomach. The course of treatment 3 days.


Ginger root is milled in a blender to a powder. Take 10 grams 3 times a day for 6-8 days.


Take the powder according to the following scheme:

  • the first day and 500 mg;
  • the second day 1.2 g;
  • the third day and the following day, 1.6 g.

Use 3 times a day after meals for 8-10 days.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are an indispensable product in the fight against parasites. They contain a toxic substance cucurbit as harmful parasites. For this reason, pumpkin seeds are used alone against parasites, and in combination with other herbs.

Raw shelled sunflower seeds to eat every day before meals. The course of treatment at least 10-12 days. Also use chopped pumpkin seeds, mixed with warm milk. The course of treatment 3 times a day for 2 weeks.

Other measures

Other measures in the fight against parasites are cleansing enemas on the basis of garlic and baking soda.

Enema garlic-based:

  • an enema of a decoction of garlic together with milk;
  • an enema of a decoction of herbs, garlic and wormwood;
  • garlic juice combined with milk;
  • a decoction of garlic in milk, crushed garlic, pour a glass of milk and boil for 20 minutes.

Enemas based on baking soda:

  • 800 ml of pure water heated to a temperature of 42°C. This is very important. Then add 20 grams of baking soda and stir until it is dissolved. This procedure, the bowel must be cleaned a mug Esmarch;
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda dissolved in 3 liters of warm water. Do an enema in the evening.