Effective folk remedies against parasites

Folk remedies against parasites

Many people identified the body of parasites, which penetrate from the outside. In the intestine, they are active and cause toxicity. Ignoring the measures for their destruction that the media, serious problems or even death.

The pharmaceutical industry produces a lot of drugs that kill worms. But, unfortunately, they have a negative effect on the human body. That is why alternative medicines are traditional recipes.

Like parasites on the body?

Worm infestation is a dangerous disease. A person get lots of problems, provide nutrients and useful elements of the parasite. Worms absorb vitamins and microelements, and deficiency start to suck out the internal organs. The parasites damage the intestines, and substances, which are used for the host, go to the develop helminthes.

Get parasites very easily:

  • If you do not follow the rules of hygiene.
  • If you're using unsalted fish or eggs.
  • Water from an unknown source.
  • From unwashed produce.
Sources of infection are often Pets.

You need to regularly:

  • Go to visit the vet.
  • Do deworming.

Homeless animals generally should not be ironed, because the risk of infection is very large.

Symptoms of having parasites in the body

The human body can defeat dangerous bacteria and various viruses, but if the immune system is weakened, the disease begins to develop. It is accompanied by typical symptoms, which should not be ignored.

Signs of infection are:

  • Pain in the abdominal area.
  • Quick muscle loss.
  • The wanton disorder of the intestine.
  • Gnashing of the teeth during sleep.
  • Night excessive salivation.
  • The redness in the anal area.
  • A strong cough.
  • Itching and allergic reactions.
  • Manifestation of the rash.

The occurrence of constipation also indicates the presence of worms. Some species are large, to prevent the action of many systems in the human body.

Several parasites secrete a substance, which provokes diarrhea. It causes chronic fatigue and lack of energy. Only cleaning will help to restore health and well-being.

If the diagnosis confirms infection, you need to immediately change your diet to exclude fatty meats, pastries and sweets.

Diet is at least 3 weeks. If the diet does not help, you must promptly remove the parasite.

How to get rid of parasites folk remedies

If you picked up the infection, get rid of the worms help the popular, time-tested recipes. They are naturally inferior to the speed and effectiveness of medications, but more safe.

Folk remedies useful, you need to follow a few conditions:

  • Remember to keep the proportions of ingredients specified in the recipe.
  • It is forbidden to break the frequency and dosage.


  • The necessary transition to a special diet.
  • After eating be sure to clean the intestine.
  • Infusions and decoctions should always be taken before eating.
  • Be sure to take a laxative after a meal.
  • The treatment lasts until the complete cleansing of the body.

Children folk remedies, it is better not to treat because their body is not yet Mature, may experience complications.

The most well-known, time-tested recipes to help get rid of parasites.

Tincture of foxes against worms

This type of fungus, is never affected by pests. This is due to the presence in them of hinomannosa. This substance destroys the worms, but does not tolerate heat treatment.

Therefore, it is recommended to use the mushroom infusion:

  • Fresh mushrooms filled with vodka.
  • 2 weeks is required.
  • Take 1 spoon in the evening.
Infusion to kill even the larvae of the parasite.

Onion infusion against parasites

This recipe allows you to gently remove parasites and without possible consequences:

  • Finely chopped onion, pour 200 g of boiling water.
  • You need to wait 12 hours.
  • The prepared infusion drink 100 g four times a day.

Use and onion to peel. The broth is not restrictions, you can drink and the kids.

Watermelon seeds to combat worms

They not only help get rid of worms, but are often used to prevent:

  • The seeds should be well dried.
  • Crushed to a fine powder.
  • Pour skim milk.
  • Drink the mixture on an empty stomach 2 cups. The whole treatment is 3 days.

A very effective remedy for parasites is considered decoction of the seeds:

  • 200 g of seeds crushed.
  • Pour boiling water over them.
  • Take up to 45 minutes in a water bath.
  • Filtered.

The cooled decoction is drunk two times a day to 200 g 14 days.

Pumpkin seeds worms

The removal of parasites, contributing to the maintenance of cucurbit in pumpkin seeds. The substance paralyzes the worms. Pumpkin seeds expel all types of parasites. This recipe is the most delicious.


The pounded seed is added to the honey (you can jam). The resulting mixture is used in small doses on an empty stomach. But keep in mind that, in addition to seeds anything, otherwise the effect is.

Use another good recipe:

  • Untreated seeds pour boiling water.
  • Leave for about 2 hours.
  • Used before a meal.
It is also a good preventive method.

Garlic against parasites

The magical properties of garlic been known since ancient times. It often uses traditional medicine, garlic is the basis of many medicines. He successfully killed bacteria and a wide range of parasites.

Noteworthy recipe for garlic juice:

  • Start treatment with 10 drops, which is taken before meals three times a day.
  • The dose should be increased every 5 days to 10 drops. Dose stops when it reaches the 15 ml.
  • So, it is necessary to reduce the dosage in the reverse order.

Juice is not very pleasant to the taste, so it is better to drink. After 30 minutes, it is recommended to eat a teaspoon of honey.

Another popular recipe of worms:

  • 200 grams of garlic is crushed.
  • The cooked mass is poured 0.5 liters of high-quality brandy, or a pinch, vodka.
  • 20 days after the beverage is brewed in a dark place.
  • The tincture is consumed on an empty stomach 1 tablespoon.
  • The entire course of treatment for about 2 months.

The recipes are quite effective, but it must be remembered that the use of garlic is contraindicated in diabetes, and diseases of the stomach.

Tincture of wormwood in the fight against parasites

This plant contains volatile. That bitter herbs can make a lot of money, get rid of the worms. It requires vodka and consumed in powder form.

But the most powerful is the effect of the enema by adding wormwood. In this case, it works like a brush, cleansing the parasites, their larvae and dead animals.

Prepared as follows:

  • First you need to make a decoction: 50 g herbs ‒ liter of water.
  • Bring to a boil and cooling.
  • An enema is ready in 20 minutes.
During treatment it is necessary to adhere to a vegetarian diet.

The seeds of tansy to treat worms


Beneficial effects in the plant is thujone. This substance is toxic in large dosage, therefore, cleansing the body with the help of tansy, should be especially careful. Contrary to doses can cause seizures and affect the brain.

Infusion preparation:

  • In a liter of water put 2 tablespoons of grass.
  • Boil.
  • Cool.
  • Lasts 20 days, three times a day.

For preventive purposes, it is enough to eat once in 7 days.

But the powder of seeds is considered a stronger broth. The powder has a high content of thujone, which the stomach, it remains and accumulates in the intestines. Powder take a spoonful twice a day.

Pomegranate peel is an effective parasite

Pomegranate is the only fruit, the skin, which is present in the peltier is a substance that destroys all forms of worms. The drug is officially recognized by the agent, anthelmintic, destroys parasites with minimal content.

Preparation of the infusion pomegranate:

  • 50 g of crushed pomegranate bark pour 400 ml of boiling water.
  • Maturation takes place for 6 hours.
  • Then again, the infusion is boiled its volume has decreased by 2 times.
  • Ready broth is consumed for one hour, and then take a laxative medicine.
  • 3 hours after drinking the decoction can eat or drink.
  • Then (within 4 hours) is an enema, which prevents the inhalation of the decay products of parasites.

Infusion to drink in small SIPS and not gulp.

By the way, if the dried precipitate is not allowed to use fresh. In this case, the source is the reddish-brown color of water.

Cloves kill worms

An excellent and effective recipe for cleansing the body of parasites is made using cloves. It can be found in any grocery store where it is sold in the spice. It is desirable to use the crushed buds.


  • First, take a small pinch of cloves a few times a day. The daily dose increases.
  • 10 days 1 teaspoon once.
  • After another 10 days, once every 7 days, 1 scoop.

How useful nails:

  • Improves the immune system.
  • Kill the parasite.
  • A lot of useful features.
The effectiveness of cloves is due to eugenol content, which plant is 85%.

Some people add coffee or tea clove oil. Four drops of the oil immediately gives the drink antiparasitic properties.

The carrots worst enemy parasites

This tasty and healthy vegetable contains a unique complex of substances that are harmful to the parasite. Their greatest concentration in the seeds, so they are the most useful treatment. You need to take 3 g of seeds to 5 times a day before meals, remember to drink clean water. After some time, the worms are expelled in the body.

Is more than a pleasant recipe: an empty stomach to drink carrot juice. You can use the grated carrot, the effect is not impaired.

Sauerkraut brine parasites

Get rid of and prevent the appearance of parasites is enough to consume 4 tablespoons of the brine. Useful properties and cabbage. It can be eaten without restriction. It not only kills parasites, but also improves the stomach and break down fats.

Soda enema to combat worms

Sodium bicarbonate is often used in the treatment of many diseases.

In the battle of helminths is well proven enema by adding sodium bicarbonate:

  • Liter of boiled water, a tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Before performing an enema is necessary to empty the bowel.
  • The mixture is injected slowly and held for 20 minutes.
  • Procedure should be done through the day.

The duration of treatment is 14 days.

This colon cleansing is completely safe. This method is ideal for self-to get rid of parasites.

Before using folk remedies, be sure to consult an expert, because there are contraindications, which can cause unpredictable consequences.

The above recipes are parasites and provide treatment and preventive action. Although the recovery is taken as a way to prevent possible infection of helminths.